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Default Tore my ACL, quick question...

Ok so on the first of this month, (almost a month ago) I tore my ACL, and damaged my MCL and possibly tore my meniscus. After the 28 days now i can walk almost normally and it doesnt feel too weird or weak. I havent gotten surgery yet but after some physical therapy, it has strengthened a lot since the day i hurt it and like i said, can walk on it almost normally. I know that without the ACL there is a lot of side to side play in my knee and it can cave in if i put too much pressure on the inside of it. This may be a stupid question, but would it be possible to start riding very mellowly down groomers and smooth terrain with a good brace that would keep my knee from caving in sideways? The physical therapist and doctor said that I should walk on it as much as possible and that i couldnt do anything more damaging to it than what is already done until surgery and thats when i gotta be very careful on it. So what do you guys think? Preferably people who have personal experience with this kind of stuff. thanks

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