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Hi All,

Quick update...

Just came back from one great week at Snowbird, UT. We had it all, started the week with cold, crappy windy & icy conditions, then hard pack and then the good stuff started to fall and it was great pow for 4 days straight with over 8" on the ground the night before our last day of riding!

On the first day I went to Christy Sport to rent the NS Cobra, in hindsight, I should have waited... Conditions were seriously windy, cold, hard pack, ice & crud. I had my concerns about a Rocker/Camber setup....

The Cobra is one great looking board. I loved the carbon non-slip top sheet, no step pad needed and surprisingly, no fiberglass burns... The weight felt about middle of the pack, not heavy not light. They had some rental bindings which didn't look feather weight.

Given the nasty conditions, the Cobra performed well. Very strange was on the cat tracks when I felt the board was about to go squiggly, then all of a sudden, it straightens itself... I guess giving it a slight more front foot bias will bring the front end down and straighten out the ride. I never felt this with my Burton X8, also a RC board. It was a clear 'snap' back to straight-line feeling, very strange.

Also, there were times, at the bottom of a steep section as the groomer leveled off and I was riding flat, strong gusts of side wind will actually push me enough so that I am riding forward... diagonally. I never had this before, maybe it is the RC not giving me enough base surface area on the snow or just the given nasty conditions?

By early afternoon, I decided to give the cambered Raptor a try. Christy Sport, which 'supposedly' has the largest NS rental fleet and 'supposedly' has every NS model in stock for rent.... had ONLY the Cobra from NS, no Raptor, no other NS but the Cobra. So it was back to my Burton SuperModelX. The rental guy tried to get me to go with a Ride, but I declined.

My overall impression was that the Cobra can be a fantastic board in soft pack and powder conditions but as for me, riding in the Alps where icy conditions, crud & hard pack (boiler plate?) are often the case, maybe my old trusty camber style board is a better all-round board? Possible the few hours on the crap conditions were not enough to give the Cobra justice. I should have gone back for another try when the white fluff was falling, maybe next year....

On the powder days, I did see many people ride the Cobra and ripping up the slopes so, there must be something to this board!
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