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Another Advice post...

Here's my situation and request for advice.

215 pounds, size 10.5 boot, 30 days on the snow in the last two seasons after growing up on skis. Learned to board at Mammoth 10 years ago while stationed in San Diego, and been off the snow until I became the faculty advisor for the local college alpine/snowboarding club team where I teach. I'm a 43 year old male, been riding in the US mid atlantic area (PA, WV, MD) while accompanying our alpine ski and snowboard team. Squarely an intermediate rider who is still mastering the fundamentals of being dynamic, bending the knees, getting comfortable with speed, and staying stacked over the board. I'm generally ok at dynamic skidded turns and I can probably carve a little in the right conditions. I cannot ride the steep bumps smoothly (I tend to "shop for my turns" and its aggravating. I can get down, but not on a smooth line. I find a steep groomer is a blast, and have only been in powder one time (and it kicked my ass, though I can see the appeal, I think). My park interest is in the smaller jumplines and ride on features, with some intent to progress to being able to 180. I've not tried to pop onto anything, and definitely still working on being comfortable in the air off any sort of kicker (park or terrain).

I have been riding a 2011/2012 Rome Anthem 161 with what Rome calls Hybrid Ripit Camber, which looks to me like Camber with lifted tips, or maybe an RCR with a larger Camber section that ends outside the bindings. Although I have no other real data points, it seems to like the dynamic skidded/basic carves, it's fast, and has some pop in and out of turns, and is pretty stiff but damps out the chatter well. I've been pretty pleased on the east coast hardpack and the times it's thrown me have been rider error for sure.

Here's the issue. Relocating this summer to the Pac NW (Seattle) for the long haul. Going back to grad school for a year as I transition out of the military, so should get some good time on the snow next season, probably calling Stevens my new home mountain, although I've got family in Portland and Bend, so plan on seeing Hood and Bachelor (and hopefully Whistler and Baker) pretty regularly over the next decade or so. I grew up near White Pass and would love to get back there to see the new back area they recently opened up with new lodges and high speed lifts.

So, in light of my new riding environment and in hopes of expanding my skills, I am looking to add to my "quiver" if you can call two a quiver. I'd like something softer than my Anthem and more friendly to learning the ground tricks while slowly progressing in the park/jumplines, capable of groomers (because I'm going to be on some sort of groomer nearly everytime I go to the mountain, I think), but also powder friendly (assuming I'll see more of that in the NW than on the east coast). I also find riding switch seems difficult on my Anthem (though admittedly I don't practice enough) and I'd like to do that in conjunction with learning to butter/spin/180's to increase my options for having fun on the snow which means a twin or asymetrical twin, maybe. Given all that, some overlap with my current board is probably inevitable.

I'm thinking about a Camber-Rocker-Camber board. I'm not stuck on any specific brand, but I like that Gnu is handbuilt in the NW (Park Pickle or Riders Choice, probably), and I like the looks of the Arbor line in general, or I could get another Rome or NS deck, and I'm definitely ok with buying this years models as opposed to the cutting edge 2014s. I'll hopefully eventually get to the point where I can appreciate and take advantage of cutting edge, but for now, a discounted 2013 board is just fine. On the binding front, I've got Rome Mobs (not the Boss or 390, just straight Mobs) on the anthem, and they seem just a bit soft (plus the forward lean adjustment screw is gone on one of them), so I'm looking for an upgraded set of bindings as well, which is another thread, but might tell you about my riding experience thus far.

So it's time for the sanity check. Reasonable to add a new board? I could see bringing two to the mountain most days. I've ready through the 17 pages in this thread, and look forward to any feedback/advice.

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