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And on the 8th day riding of the season, turns were linked!

They are not pretty but I was able to link turns today after considering the advice here and just telling myself I was going to figure it out by the end of the day.

The tip to not put weight on my back after turning really helped. I still catch myself doing this and it just leads to skidding out of a turn and side slipping. When I really focus on leaning forward, I can actually turn both toeside to heelside and heelside to toeside and come out of it riding down vs sideslipping.

I tried to "carve" on some shallower parts of blue and green runs and think I was able to sort of do it (assuming carving means going from one edge to another without fully turning). On steeper parts of blues, I have to basically traverse the whole run diagonally and then turn the other way---my linked turns are super ugly but I can see how to progress from here. Basically I think comfort with speed will be key, which can only happen with more practice.

I'm trying to make sure I don't develop bad habits, like the leaning thing. I'm basically initiating turns by switching my weight and then using the front foot to start the turn, and let the back foot follow but after a slight delay. I really like the feeling of my board sort of twisting as it's about to turn and think this is what it's supposed to do---please correct me if I'm wrong. Some random dude told me his "one tip" for snowboarding was steering with the back foot, which I thought was the wrong method and not what I do but I think he might have just been messing with me... or maybe not aware of proper technique.

Anyway hopefully there are at least a few more storms up in tahoe in the next few weeks so I can work on linking turns in a less extreme and exxagerated way and work on my comfort with speed. One nice thing about today was zero falls off the chair lift and overall much less falls. The snow got wet and mogully but I was still able to keep my shit together on both heel and toe in terms of balance, which was also a huge win.

Thanks again for all the feedback and I'm glad I was able to put it into action.

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