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Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
Nowhere did I acknowledge that there is a difference in flex between the Proto and the SL.
Really? didn't say "not much." Alright then, pretty clear you're just looking for an argument... I definitely don't appreciate the indignant and presumptuous tone of your message, but I suppose I'll humor you with a reply anyways...

Not much difference at all in flex between the Proto and the SL.
There's no question that *you said* there was "not much" difference in flex...which implies there is *some* difference. I'll be happy to accept your more recent assessment as a retraction, but please don't pretend like it's not right there in the text I've quoted. It's also been pretty well established in other threads around here that the proto seems to have a little more flex...possibly out of the box and definitely after a short 2 week break-in period.

For riding switch the difference is again imperceptible to virtually everybody and certainly a beginner - if you cannot ride switch on an SL without issues, you cannot ride switch, period.
Partially agree with you here... Firstly, there's a difference between excelling at and learning/improving a skill versus "being able to do it without issues." The former areas are exactly where I believe a true twin is useful no matter the skill level. Second, for me, the difference was definitely perceptible as a beginner. It made a noticeable difference during turn initiation and when nose buttering from switch. This was actually the very first trick I tackled as a beginner because I could more easily do a 180 without having to worry about a sloppy switch landing, and the nose butter helped me slingshot into the spin without the kind of body twist that can throw a beginner off balance when trying to initiate. Also, during my transition to a true twin, having the same responsiveness during turn initiation for both switch/regular really made it more enjoyable to cruise down an entire run in switch until I got comfortable enough to land a good size straight air comfortably.

I don't know any other way to say it other than to say.... I have a two boards. One board is a directional twin wide version of the SL, and the other is a true twin Capita. I've ridden them both very recently on consecutive days, and I'm barely not a beginner...some would say I still am; and guess what: I notice a difference. For a more advanced rider as you seem to be, maybe not so much... It seems like switch riding is a skill that people sort of settle into and leave where it is..for utility. Getting to the point where it's comfy enough to be useful is the hardest part, and I firmly believe a twin board is at least a minor and somewhat worthwhile benefit to that process.

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