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Went to download the new "shifties" vid and I happened to see their list of upcoming topics. For anyone who's interested,

Building A Backcountry Jump
1st May, 2013.

Buttering - Tail Butter 180s
1st June, 2013.

Common problems of intermediate riders
1st July, 2013.

1st August, 2013.

Buttering - 180 Tail Butter 180 Out
1st September, 2013.

1st October, 2013.

1st November, 2013.

Spinning Backside
1st December, 2013.

Spinning Frontside
1st January, 2014.

Buttering - 180 Butter 360 Out
1st February, 2014.

Buttering - MFM Butter
1st March, 2014.

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