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Default Update...

Hey, thanks to everyone for all the helpful advice. I've been meaning to provide an update on my situation. I went boarding at a hill in NY and decided to take a one hour lesson. I explained my problem to the instructor and as soon as he watched me recreate it, he knew what I was doing wrong. Seems really basic, but I was almost skipping the step of getting the board flat and pointed straight downhill during the transition from heel side to toe. Maybe with the rental board I had managed to somehow slide into the turn. Anyways, I easily corrected it and it was smooth sailing from that point onward, pretty much, although after two days of riding, I felt very comfortable, but still not "loving" the new board and yearning a bit for the old rental. Since then, I've been out 3 more times and officially LOVE my board! I'm so glad I stuck with it. Your advice certainly helped.

The season is pretty much over here but I am lucky enough to be able to go to Whistler next week for 3 days, which, for a novice like me, is very exciting!

Many thanks again!

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After boarding about 8 times and improving enough to make it down a hill consistently at a decent speed, without falling and feeling pretty comfortable, I bought my first board, a Salomon Lotus 142. I discovered that I could not even turn without wiping out. It seemed as though I could not manipulate this board to turn like I could with the rentals or that perhaps it was too long. Particularly, it felt like when I applied pressure to my front foot, it had no effect on the board, unlike I was used to. I was able to exchange the board for a 138. Same problem, mildly improved. I went back to the rental I was used to, a Head Tribute 140 (freestyle) and resumed my ability to make turns easily and sail down the hill.

So, I don't know what the problem is. I hesitate buying a new board in case I encounter the same problem, unless I buy the same board as I rent. Also wondering if possibly, my weight is too little for the type of board I am using. I am 5'1" and 105 lbs. Also, if anyone knows a Burton Board that would be comparable to the Head Tribute, that would be great to know.

Any help is appreciated
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