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Originally Posted by Vlaze View Post
This is exactly why I view it as bullshit for downloading free music. You hear it on the radio, and in the old days you tape it on your stereo tape player when your favorite songs played, illegal then? No, now? Yes. I don't share the songs, I just dl it so I'm not much of a target, but I still have to watch my ass.

Same with movies or shows, they will be on tv at one point or another for free so why should I pay for something I plan on watching then deleting afterwards on my pc? They gonna sue me for hardware storage in my brain? Good luck. IMO, morally wrong, no, I'm not giving what I get to anyone or sharing to make a profit or in general. If they argue I'm getting free music that should be paid for I'll just argue that's what we get through the radio as well. I know the companies will bitch about it because I no longer buy their cd's for 10-14 songs when I only want 1-5 off the track list. For the artists, I'm not sure what their beef is claiming we food off their kid's table, statistics facts show they make majority of their money doing shows, not selling cds
- Yes, you hear the music on the radio for free, but the musician still gets royalties from the song being played on the radio. That is the difference.

- Just because they make more money off shows than CD sales doesn't mean that they value the money they make off CD sales any less than the money they make off shows. PLUS, CD sales are a continuing and ongoing source of money for the artist, while shows are only a one off thing.

Mind you, I'm all for downloading music...heck I do, I even give our bands music away for it.
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