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I'm completely shocked at the lack of Spartacus recommendations. So only three of us here watch it???

THE REST OF YOU ARE BLOWING IT THEN (including those who have watched it and wrote it off)!

StarzHD - Spartacus

It's on the last episode and there is a total of 4 seasons (one being a prequel story). It's a great series and really stays true to Ancient Roman culture. This means it isn't kid friendly and they aren't bashful about the sex homo or hetero. Gratuitous violence and nudity from both sexes.

Aside from all that, the story is great. It's even better if you know of what little history there is of Spartacus. You know the ending, yet the show has you rooting for characters that you know are doing to die.

By the way, there isn't a single actor in there that struck me as bad. Actually, there was this actress in the second season that wasn't all that great, but she made up for it in eye-candy so it evens out.
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