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Default Yes, another "Help me choose a board" thread...

Currently riding a Carbon Credit 162w. (6'1, 195lb, size 13 boot). It has 1-1/2 seasons on it and it has served me well. This has been the only board I have ever owned so I have nothing else to compare it to. I just want something a bit -

Shorter, but still likely a wide (12/-12 stance)

I ride a mid west hill that is groomed daily. Most days consist of 85% hill, 10% glades, and 5% park. I'm looking for something that will still hold a edge, but that I can play with in the glades and have better results with in the park. Likely some sort of hybrid camber board.

More than happy to do all the research I need, but if I could get a few suggestions or pointed in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

As of yet the only thing the only board I have found with something I felt would suit all of the "improvements" I wanted was a NS HeritageX.
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