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OK I have had the same issue this season as many of us with the toe strap. My issue is the strap will tighten on its own not allowing me to kick in. This got very frustrating by the end of the season.

Here is what I found. The toe ratchet lock is super loose and doesn't lock down properly allowing the toe strap to move up the ladder strap IE tightening it. Either from loading/unloading the chair, kicking snow or anything will make it tighten.
He is a video of how loose it is, ** this is with the locking tab pushed into the locked position ** you notice the anke strap is solid and actually moves the strap as I wiggle it. The toe locking tab just bounces around and wont hold for SHIT. I really would like to resolve this for next season as I love this board/binding set-up I have

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