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Default steep hill: carving vs. sliding

I'm a second year rider, and fairly skilled at this point. but i noticed someone talk about the difference between carving and sliding to make turns. The last time i went out on a mountain I've kept that piece of information in mind. And I have some problems with 'carving' in uneven terrains, and very steep blacks diamonds. I couldn't help myself but to start skidding my way down. So my question is, was i just not able to maintain control while carving due to the steepness/uneven terrain or is that task pretty much impossible(or perhaps my lack of skill)?
Also it seems that while i was 'carving' down blacks and some blues, my speed would build up too rapidly and i'd have to make a few skids to slow down.

If you guys can share with your personal experiences or some tips it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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