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Originally Posted by MarshallV82 View Post
I've had quite a few that ended my day or sidelined me for 2-3 weeks, two that have ended my season. Worst was breaking ribs/nose and knee injury, all from a edge slam off a side hit on a cat track.

I've never even thought about giving it up, I love it to much.. I'd rather risk losing my career (Electrician/Lineman). I'd rather be defined by my personal life rather than my work, on my deathbed I'd like to reflect on fun times on the hill, not that time I worked in Bumfuck, Texas setting poles and stringing line.

My uncle recently had a life threatening injury at work, a pipe exploded during a pressure test and shot him 45 ft through the air. A 12'' end cap blew off and hit him in the pelvis.. he's full of metal rods and can barely walk 6 months later. he looked like he was shot with a 12 gage and thrown off cliff.

Shit happens...
No judgement, but do you have kids? I know for myself, and I'd bet for some of the other guys here, risking losing your job to an injury can cause pain to a lot of other people besides your self. So we don't give up, but we get smarter about our riding choices.

Pirt near here!
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