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Originally Posted by TheNorminator View Post
Wait, why do pipe riders want lots of forward lean?
Because with more forward lean comes a more powerful heelside carve.

Without it you are relying on your ankles & the stiffness of your boots to carve heelside.

Your ankles are nowhere near strong enough to keep your toes from pointing down.

Not just halfpipe guys have them cranked forward, I have mine set to more than half on most of my boards.

I can pretty much guarantee, you would not be able to ride it with them cranked all the way forward.
This is THE most finicky adjustment you can make on a binding.

As little as one notch too far forward can make it down right scary.

As well as your knees being forced to bend, that also gives the feeling that your toeside edge is going to dig in causing you to eat shit @ lightening speed.

Maybe you might be able to ride with them all the way forward one day, but this adjustment needs to be done in small increments & each time will take a few runs to get used to.

My advice.
To start with, most bindings when set @ no forward lean can't be felt @ all.
Even the first or second notch sometimes can't be noticed, @ whatever spot they are set @, when you start to feel it & you will feel it.

From that spot you will want to only move it in increments of one spot.
Each time you move it even 1 spot, you will probably need to get used to it before you can move it one more spot.

When you think you have found your desired forward lean, put it 1 notch farther forward.
That's where it should be, you're just not used to it yet.

After fuckin' around with your setup & getting it perfect, which takes a few times.
It will be hard to tell if it really changed the way your board rides, because of the small increments

But if you ever hop on someone elses board that doesn't have their forward lean set forward THAT'S when you will see the difference.

You will then realize the importance of forward lean, cause their board is gonna ride like shit, regardless of the quality of board.


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