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Most of us will have only owned one or two cameras from the list, so the list is going to be a better starting point than anyone's opinion. OTOH I'm not sure if that list was created by a particular brand, and would therefore be biased.

I did a comparison of a Contour Roam and Drift 1080p here. Having said all that, I'm going to be getting a Drift Ghost this year in time for next season. Things I consider most important:
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to tell if it's recording
  • Easy to control
  • Can review vids on the mountain
  • Tough
  • Streamlined. I accept that I'm going to look somewhat like tinky-winky, but less is better.

That's in more-or-less order of importance. Notice that "video quality" isn't on there. AFAIK none of the major brands has quality so sucky that you'd toss it at a tree. So whether any particular model has 12 modes or 15 is kind of irrelevant.

The Drift Ghost has one feature that I consider unbeatable. Don't know if any of the others have it as well. You can turn on a "tape loop" where it records continuously, saving the last 5 minutes. At any point you can hit a button and the current "last 5 minutes" gets saved to a separate video file. Good for catching unexpected events.

If anyone has impressions of other cameras on the list, would be good to hear from them.

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