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Default Shit people steal.

So my truck was stolen this morning. About 1230 tonight, I get a call from SLCPD saying that they found my truck about 2 miles from my house.

I show up to recover it and take inventory of whats they stole from it. All I gotta say is WTF goes on in a theifs brain?

I understand the tool box, GPS and sunglasses but...

Among the other items stolen:

My 7 Year old smelly and becoming tattered jacket shell
My duck taped jerry rigged cellphone charger
A pair of used ipod ear buds(gross)
My collection of burnt modest mouse black keys and SRV cds
Half a bottle of contact solution
No less than 2 pairs of dirty socks
A book of short stories by william faulkner
A 1998 national geographic magazine-cover story:Great Whites
Roll of TP
2 pairs of the most rancid smelling, ducktape-mended ski gloves you will ever meet
An empty bottle of brake cleaner
About 6 gatorade bottles filled with water
My lucky hawk feather
Owners Manual(how am I going to know how much blinker fluid I need now??)

Thankful they left my 0 degree sleeping bag and box of over 100 flys.

Im glad I got the truck back in working order but come on boys!!.. Most of the stuff they took only has value to only me and is gonna be a huge PITA to replace. They are just devious people I guess. Ok Im done. Just wanted to vent as well as laugh it off seeing the whole list.

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