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I used to go to lots of shows, haven't been to one for @ least 5 years though.

Saw the Beastie boys 3 times. They headlined @ Lollapalooza one year.
A huge pack of of us went together, it was epic.

The Beastie Boys were the last band of the night. When they shut it down & killed the music, everyone just chanted "Beas-tie Boys" which seemed like hours @ the time.

After being quiet for a while, all three of them ran from behind the stage & jumped of boxes or speakers?
I'm not exactly sure what they jumped off, but they all landed @ the same time.

Mmmmmm..... Drop Booom.

It was pandemonium, the place went mental. I swear it was like old Beatles clips you see, when chicks can't even control themselves.
Except it was everyone.

Drugs might of had something to do with it

But without a doubt, THE best show I've ever been to.
I almost didn't go cause I really wasn't a big fan of this freak, although there are a few songs of his I like.
On top of that, I had partied the whole night before. I just wanted to go to bed.

The tickets were free so we weren't losing any money.
My girlfriend @ the time was the manager @ one of those music stores, HMV maybe?

Bed, I just wanted my bed. I ended up falling a sleep during the opening act, even though it was deafening.

Then freak boy came out.

Marilyn Manson

I don't know if this guy can even play an instrument, I never seen him.
So I don't think you can call him a musician?

But what he is, is a SHOWMAN. That little weirdo was born to be out in front of people.

He had arm & leg stilts, that he had mastered. I've never seen anyone move around as fast, nimble & creepy.
He must have thousands of hours on those things.

For years I wanted a set of them.

He was pulling chicks out of the audience & dry humpin' em'.
They were so scared, I guess @ first they thought it was going to be awesome?

They were wrong, they were screaming, freakin' out & he was not letting them up.

Is that freak still around?
If so & you have a chance to go see him, do it.

Then there was Pennywise, @ a Snowjam to boot.
Middle of summer, huge big air jump, successfully got my liquor in.

Bro Hymn, that is the ultimate sing along song.
When tens of thousands of people all start singing, it's fuckin' incredible.
My eyes just welled up from reminiscing about it.
Every year that song means more & more to me.

With more than a hand full of family & friends passing away in the past 2 years. (single parent mom & my father figure Grampa, 2 months apart)

I can't listen to that song without getting all teary eyed.
It goes 2wice on every media device I have.

Here just substitute a loved ones name in here & start singing along.
Bro hymn-Pennywise - YouTube
I'm about too, you should too.


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