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Originally Posted by ekrina View Post
Wow, thanks a lot for that explanation! After reading it, I realized that I had the definitions of carving and the dynamic skidding turns kind of muddled...I didn't know there was a difference! And what you just explained is exactly what I am tryingg to work on ...the going down a hill straighter, faster and in a more fluid motion.

I will definitely be working on that.

Also, I have always wondered this and some people answer me differently...when turning am I supposed to have my body weight toward the front of my board and on my front foot or back? In other words, what foot is supposed to be doing more work? I tend to control the board with the back foot and lean back more. Is this incorrect?
Ideally you should be in the middle. It may feel like you are leaning slightly forward. If you lean back as many beginners do because they are afraid to lean downhill, you will not be able to properly edge in and initiate a turn.
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