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Is Arbor seriously moving to Dubai? They brag about using environmentally friendly materials and then move their factory to Dubai, wow. Dubai is in a desert like Las Vegas. Both places uses a shit load of water and stress the environment around them to make the desert unlike the desert. The carbon footprint in Dubai is much larger than even LA.

Arbor looses all credibility for their environmental eco story on their website. They moved their factory to one of the most un sustainable places in the world, lol.

That indoor ski hill is not friendly for the environment. Plus testing equipment in a tiny indoor hill is not the kind of riding I would do, someone who will seriously ride a board.

I would quit Arbor if I worked for them and had to move to Dubai. People have gone to jail for years from poppy seeds from a bagel. Some over the counter cough medicines are illegal narcotics there. Women can go to jail if they report rape because it's illegal to have sex before marriage. Fuck that place.

I guess they will find plenty of slave labor to make the snowboards cheaper. They better not go bankrupt in Dubai. I hear debtors go to jail.

Fuck Arbor, I got Mervin.

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