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Originally Posted by BigmountainVMD View Post
The douche made arrogant remarks about fighting on the RADIO. It was not a simple remark to the sherpas fixing the ropes.

As for the money, yes it is brought in by westerners, but it doesn't give them the right to disrespect the Sherpas. We supply all the money to the snowboard mountains... but disrespecting the people that work there is bullshit.

The Sherpa/Tibetan name for Mt. Everest is Chomolungma... it translates to "Mother Goddess of the Earth." Do you think it was only named that when more westerners started climbing it in the 50s?
I said I agree with you but feel that you fail to acknowlege my points which are valid. I have first hand experience (as a resident, not as a toursist) in post-colonial/imperial asia and things ARE this way.

We can all agree that the Simone Moro guy really fucked everything up, but it also seems clear that at least one if not a couple of the sherpas were being dickwads(why didn't they handle the situation mano y mano as opposed to a mob threatening violence, thats shit isn't cool no matter what, lets not forget that there was one sided violence perpetrated on a vastly outnumbered group that almost did and most likely would have resulted in murder if not for the female(s?) that put themselves between the mob and climbers).

Its amazing how much credibility and reverence we give to other peoples religion when its not ours. Tourism + religious shrine = $$$ and motherfuckers everywhere (including Nepal and Tibet) waiting to cash in. Religion is big business everywhere, these sherpas are no exception just because they get to climb mountains for a living.

The various cultures that use religion to claim land and then use that claim for a defense of indefensible actions are all bullshit.

I don't claim any land for my own based on some bullshit that my ancestors did, and therefore have little sympathy for anyone who does. How about the actions of the people involved stand alone and they take responsibility instead of crying about some religious offense they made up that can be smoothed over with money.

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