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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Yep! They pull right out in front of me, go 100 feet and stop to turn left. That truck in the pic was just a standard semi that carries about 8500 gallons of gasoline at 80,000 pounds. I drive a larger combination up here in the PNW where we are allowed higher weight limits. My rig is a double tanker and I haul 11,500 gallons and weigh 105,500 pounds. People in these little cars do the dumbest shit right in front of me. Not a week goes by in Portland where I don't have the rig sliding with the brakes locked up to avoid killing some stupid hipster who thinks its cute to fuck with trucks. I have never worked in a city where so many of the people have such a hatred for commercial trucks as Portland. People go out of their way here to fuck with trucks like its a game.
Too bad you don't live in Russia!

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