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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
I started tramp lessons last fall, and I'll be starting up again this spring. I've been just doing exercises straight up and down, i.e. no sideways motion. Couple of things it's been good for -- first, I had a tendency to drop my shoulder and end up with a corked spin. Second, I would "unwind" too early and not be able to complete spins. I'm now able to keep looking over my leading shoulder until the right point.

Basically, it helps you to work on the basics. Also with the foam pit you can get used to inverts. ('m just starting on those).
Do you have a local snowboard/skateboard training park? Or is it just a gymnastics center? What does tramp training cost (and entail)?

EDIT: Also, would they allow you to strap a skate deck on your feet and use that on the tramps?

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