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REVIEW--2013 Rome 390 Boss

My season is winding down, I've gotten good use out of these bindings on a few different boards, and so I figured now is as good of time as any to write up a little review.

  • Yes I Cant System - Canting gives you more comfort for wide stances and more power over your nose and tail. Go with 2° or 3.5° of canting, or run 0° if you’re looking for a traditional feel. The choice is yours.
  • Confromgrip Toe Strap - Overmolded TPU grips the toe of your boot while conforming seamlessly to all models on the market.
  • Auto Strap
  • Contour Ankle Strap
  • V-Rod Baseplate
  • UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
  • 390 Asym Highback
  • SubBase V-Pad
  • Rome Customization Foundation
  • Rome QuickTech Foundation

What Rome Says about this binding: Customized feel that is dialed to your style; ultra smooth side-to-side flexibility; pure toe-to-heel power; unmatched foot stability; natural board flex

Rome rates the flex of this binding as straight in the middle of powerful and playful. I would have to agree with Rome. The highback has nice lateral flex, while being stiff longitudinally. In other words, it transfers the power well when you flex into it and doesn't fold up on you, but it's still flexy enough to let you tweak out your grabs. Rome has used a nice combination of metal, plastic, and rubber to achieve this. And they've wrapped it all in a nice matte finish. The rubber on the baseplate really allows the board to still flex under the binding while also providing a nice dampening system for your feet. They really take some of the bounce out of the ride.

So this was the first binding I've ever used that has canting, and I must say, I'll never get another one without it. It really makes that much of a difference for me. And, if you, like me, have knees that have seen better days, then the canting is worth the investment. I ran the 3.5° cant pad because I figured that the 2° wouldn't be enough to notice, and the 0° is what I was trying to eliminate. The first thing I noticed is how comfortable it was. The second thing I noticed is how much easier presses felt for me. They claim that canting gives you better control over your tip and tail, and I would have to agree. There is definitely a noticeable difference.

As for the straps, they are comfy and when strapped in, you can't even tell that they're there, unless you really crank them down extra hard. The toe strap is the best toe strap I have dealt with to date. Better than my Cartel's, better than my Union's, and better and better than my Nidecker's. It really will conform to any boot that you strap in. It also conforms to your shoes should you go that route. I know this due to some carpet sessions that went down. The AutoStrap works as advertised, as long as you take the time to set it up. It really does pull the strap out of the way when unbuckled, and keeps the strap mildly formed as well. Of course, you really do need to set it up proper to see the benefit. Which brings me to my next points. The setup.

The setup for these bindings is more complicated than most. I mean, Rome sends you a poster with them that details all of the different adjustments. That should tell you something. I spent about an hour getting them all dialed in before my first ride in them. And then, after that first day, I spent about another hour getting completely dialed to my liking. Once you get the hang of it, everything goes smoothly, but there is a definite learning curve to them. The base is adjustable, the autostrap is adjustable, the highback is rotate-able, the canting can be changed, and the heel hoop can be adjusted as well. There's a lot going on with these, but I wouldn't want them any other way. If you like simple, then look somewhere else, but if you don't mind putting a little work in, these are great.

Now, I know Rome tends to get a bad wrap on their cosmetic durability, but I think it's been pretty resolved. I rode these bindings pretty hard all season, and in all conditions, and they look almost new. The matte finish is still in good shape, the paint isn't chipping, and I can still read the fine details on the bindings (Rome put Bomb Hills all over these things). I expect that these bindings will last me for a good while, which is nice, cause I can't afford new bindings every season. Also, the ratchets are as buttery smooth now as they were on day 1.

To wrap up, This is a great binding for a doing it all. You can race groomers, ride powder, send huge park airs, drop cliffs, or whatever else you feel like doing without ever feeling like your binding is the weak point. I think that Rome really has a solid product here, and I would be willing to buy another pair just so that I don't have to swap bindings every time I want to ride a different board.

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