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Originally Posted by RagJuice Crew View Post
I am frankly amazed, and worried, about how little weight many of you are putting in concussions. Concussions are not something to be taken lightly and can have very serious consequences. There's a reason there's a large push to take it more seriously in the NFL and that rugby is seeing a ground swell of support for more careful management of concussions. Just this week a 17 year old girl in Canada died after a banging her head in a rugby match and it appears (this not confirmed, just to be absolutely) that she had suffered two other knocks/concussions in the week leading up to the fatal injury. Making Second Impact Syndrome a distinct possibility.

I'm not commented on the OP or making any suggestion as to what you do. I'm not even disagreeing with the comments about not letting it stop you. I'm simply saying that the "no big deal" reactions are way off. BA's comment is nuts - you're right, don't let it stop you doing what you want to do but for god's sake BA with that kind of history you need to look after yourself and I hope you are! It's your brain we're talking about here, not a dodgy elbow or somesuch. Maybe you are, I'm no criticising and not trying to judge or start a shit fight. But the pervading mood of the thread of " *shrugs* I just got on with it" is scary.
you are right. its not something you should take lightly. but with that being said i am going to inform you of the new laws put into place in the US regarding concussions in High School, and Collegiate Sports, not just football, all sports. Including Rugby. Every student athlete is required to take an IMPACT test. What this does is it sets a baseline, measuring your memory, sight, shape recognition, and other things. This baseline is what you have to pass in order to be able to return to your sport on a limited level. You need to be within 2 points to be able to pass. The athlete takes this test everyday as a measurement of their recovery. And even when you are cleared you are out for a minimum of 7 days. So say i get a concussion on friday, and i pass the impact test on monday. I'm still not allowed to return until friday, and i have to pass the impact test again on friday.

So in turn the US is doing its absolute best, to keep second impact syndrome out of the equation.

The NFL also has a very good post concussion treatment process as well. Every player who gets a concussion must be cleared to play by an independent neurologist not some team doctor.

The reason why you still see so many concussions in football is because a lot of teams are still using archaic helmets that were designed in the 1990's. They are using the Classic design. This design rates 1 on a scale of 5 on the helmet safety scale. A lot of youth teams and high school teams are using them because of budget issues. 85% of the players in the NFL still use them because they prefer them. So essentially IF the current generation of players are to receive the same symptoms as past generations, its on them. They choose not to wear the safer helmets that have 4s and 5s on the safety rating and in turn are going to pay for it. The passed generations wore what they had at the time, this generation on NFL players is doing it out of stupidity.

No helmet can prevent concussions, but there are a lot out there that do a hell of a lot better job at trying too than the ones these boneheads are wearing.

With that being said am i going to quit football or snowboarding because ive had 5 concussions? Hell no. I love it to much to quit. Am i going to play through one if i get one? I've done it before... but after doing the research i did last year... never again...

heres a little info on the IMPACT test.

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