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Originally Posted by Flick Montana View Post
Guten Tag alles! Mein namen ist...wait a sec, I'm not German. My name is Aaron. I'm 24. I live in Indianapolis, the snowboarding mecca of North America. We have a couple small hills here that you can fall down. I'm planning on moving to Washington state, though, so I should have plenty more opportunity to get my board on. Until then, I spend my winters snowboarding, my springs grilling out, my summers wishing for winter and my falls camping. I'm currently working on getting sponsorship from Band-Aid and Tang. They haven't returned my calls.
This was so long ago! I'm 26 now and I live in Oregon. I'm still not German, but I have received a sponsorship offer from Preparation-H. I turned it down. The sticker they wanted me to put on my board was just too humiliating.
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