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I'm wearing a couple different hats in terms of where i work right now... during school theres not much work around so i need to hustle during breaks to support myself, my wants, and my debauchery. Right now i work at a fuddruckers 4 days of the week, then those nights i go to a local night club that i do security work for (also plays in with my debauchery), then monday through wednesday i work with this guy doing carpentry, repairing houses and things of that nature. i make about 600-800 a week depending how many hours i get at the night club. still poor though =/

In the past i worked at a marina which i think i read a while back that another member has done too. awesome job. on a decent weekend i'd turn 200 bucks a day in tips friday through sunday. on a bad weekend i'd at least bring home 300 bucks plus wages. i miss that job so much, tons of ass too stare at... lots of money in the air... and i got to meet some pretty high profile people/objects. including The Stanley Cup!
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