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Originally Posted by neni View Post
Any woman here riding with men's ones? Or do you guys know of women riding with mens and feel comfortable? Seen many reviews on shayboarder on men's ones, thus I assume, the different position of calves is not always an issue?
I have rather girly feet, so I end up riding women's boots about half the time (in your size IIRC, 8.5 or 8 depending on the boot,) and they fit in men's bindings just fine.

Conversely, my wife (who is a skier) is currently riding some mens boots with the tallest intuition liners she can find, and vastly prefers the taller cuff and the increased leverage it provides.

As with all things snow, it's all preference and how your body mechanics interact with your equipment. It just seems to me that you want everything that men's bindings provide, so why not give them a try?
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