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Summer hobbies/activities

What do you guys do in the summer? Besides periodically pulling out a snowboard and looking at it, waiting, impatiently... I do a few things... But shit, this waiting is painful!

Fly fishing: probably my favorite spring/summer/fall activity... And even sometimes in the winter. I've made a goal for this year of exploring every river and creek in northern New Mexico. So far, I have had a great time this year getting out of my comfort zone of favorite places to fish. I've had some good luck, and perhaps skill is coming into play, because the patterns I have been tying have become more and more successful. There is nothing quite like catching a wild trout... I release all of my fish as well. They belong in the river!

Hiking: I guess this just comes into play from fishing, as I rarely hike without my fly rod. I've found some really cool places this year, including super green valleys, huge waterfalls, and tributary creeks and springs I never knew about. Hiking the Rio Grande Gorge, and Sandia Peak (La Luz) have been highlights, and have also shown me how out of shape I really am compared to how I normally view myself, hahahaha...

Skateboarding: The older I get, the harder it is to just grab my skateboard and go ride it. Once I step on the board, all of that fades away... But unlike snowboarding, it's not such a big deal to do. No gear, no lift tickets/passes, no driving up a mountain road... It always gets put off until I have free time. I'm trying to make a habit of just grabbing my skateboard and stepping out the door, but it's easier said than done. Perhaps even just writing this down will help!

Music: I travel a lot to play my music, and the summer time seems to be a special one. Outdoor events, clubs, bars, and festivals seem to be in full swing. The hardest part is finding time to make music in the summer. The days are longer, and I seem to have so many more things going on. I believe next winter, I'll keep this in mind and create a surplus of music to reveal over the summer. Music seems to be a bit deeper when written in the winter months anyhow...! Creating this thread just solved a problem for me! I am trying to go out and see more live music as well. It's always inspiring to see a good show, and it's something I always need to do more of.

Socializing: This one should really be called drinking... But I guess there are times where you're still talking to new friends while you're waiting for that next round. People seem so happy and outgoing in the summer, I think it's a great time to get out and have some laughs with new people. Maybe a part of this is that I move a lot, and travel a lot, but if this isn't a part of your summer activities, you need to get out! Have some drinks (if you drink), and more importantly, have some fun with new people.

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