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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
Are you sure you are looking @ the right bindings?

I didn't notice yesterday that the bindings name is actually "fancy black"

They do have high back rotation, you can see it in the pics.

The ones I got have it & they are probably 10 years old, pretty sure they all have it?

Don't want to further sidetrack the "Do you move your bindings" thread, thus I answer here

Was looking for yours, the Nidecker Carbon ones and over here its said that the '13 ones don't have highback rotation Contacted Nidecker and the '14 ones will also not have a rotatable highback but they assured that this won't be a problem even with my steep angles. I'll get to demo a pair in M in September (they come in nice black-blue) Good reason to make a trip to a glacier

The other ones I'll look at are the Ride El Hefe. I'm very happy with the adjustability, quality of ratches n straps and canted footbed of my Ride Fames, and I assume the Ride El Hefe will have the same if not better and the '14 ones will come in blackish metallic colors.

Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
I think you just queued yourself up

Have those on my desk by next week.

If you also get reviwes on the two above, I'd be very interested

EDIT: Now this is the moment you guys only spectating so far can jump in anyone here with steep angles and experience with bindings with non-rotatable highbacks? Comments on the two models?
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