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Originally Posted by ETM View Post
its got a little more nose yes.
I dont need to be schooled in swallowtails though thanks nivek. Big powder boards rule some people just cant handle them
Alright I'll be a little more detailed as you asked since you need to be schooled on swallow tails.

See, the african swallows use the cutout in their tails to create a space time vortex that stirs up anti-gravitons thus creating more lift as they fly. Its a process that we have been unable to duplicate in aeronautics but have succeeded in snowboarding. Its a bit of a complicated matter regarding specific densities and subatomic spin orientationing. Dont get all this confused with the european swallows though as they employee a completely different process primary using the quantum entanglement theories regarding left quarks.

I can handle big boards. I do it all the time. I do work in a shop, if I couldn't handle big boards it'd be pretty hard to grab and show anyone over 200lbs anything...
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