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Originally Posted by tigre View Post
We haven't beaten our wilderness into submission yet, like many other parts of the developed world (and indeed most of Alaska isn't "developed" in the same way that Europe and the Lower-48 are). The primary concern is bears, both brown and black, both of which are very common here (even in town), but there is also the potential for negative encounters with moose, wolves, and other critters. Don't take that as a reason not to come here for a visit. In my opinion, the fact that this place is still wild is the reason you should come. Educate yourself about wildlife safety, and keep your brain with you at all times, and you will almost certainly be fine. Whether you carry a defensive weapon or not won't make a difference 99.9% of the time, but if you do want that extra margin of safety in case of an emergency, you can carry pepper spray, which is much easier and safer to deploy for people with little experience with guns.
Thanks for the details. Yes... "use your brain" and commons sense is the best strategy for almost every situation. Switzerland is highly over-developed. Somtimes its handy, sometines unnerving. I'd love to stay somewhere less structured/measured/planted/farmed. Where ever you turn there's an alpine pasture, fences, cable cars, mountain restaurants, aso. My dream would be to trek with horses...

Actually, there's plenty of experience and weapons in this little country here... (every 18+ doing military service has its service rifle at home and according to statistics, every second Swiss has a private gun. We're neutral but nationwide armed ) I'd know how to handle a gun or rifle but I'm sure that in the case of emergency I wouldn't have the nerve to use it properly, maybe even endangering the situation. I wouldn't feel safer. Husband needs the extra 0.1%, I guess, his nerves are better. Are alarm pistols or pepper stray available for tourist?

I really thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger issue in my life when I was little
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