: Snowboarding General Chat

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  1. Base Rash
  2. So I damaged my board.
  3. Riding with a Flip Mino HD
  4. Custom Displays for Split Boards
  5. Why the hate for Burton......don't want to hear fighting, just facts...
  6. colorado?
  7. Leg strength - preparation for impact
  8. What I find annoying...
  9. What makes it icy?
  10. Damnit Colorado Mountain Express you're busting my balls
  11. Be careful everyone.
  12. question on snowmaking
  13. are skis generally faster and more stable than snowboards?
  14. Snowboarder dies at Eldora. Be careful out there!
  15. no matter how many times i go boarding my legs get sore everytime. does yours?!
  16. Free snowboard videos
  17. Cheap wax in Canada
  18. Green Laces?
  19. Odd day on Seymour yesterday.
  20. Hit my first 20-footer
  21. Glad I had a helmet....
  22. Never saw this before, pretty cool
  23. a depressing day of style changing
  24. best locks
  25. what happened to burton's quality control?
  26. college/ski resort/ moving help
  27. chair lift fail greek peak ny
  28. My new ride
  29. Transworld Riders Poll BS?
  30. Riding in Korea Snowfilm.tv Short Video edit
  31. Drop in off a roof?
  32. Lobster snowboards interview
  33. Motorcycle Talk - 2011 ZX-10r
  34. Funniest snowboard video
  35. The Snowboarders Dream..
  36. Saw my ass above my head...
  37. ***Get Sponsored***
  38. Figment replacement lens
  39. Buddy 1 Leg - Snowboarding with 1 Leg and no Fake one for Help
  40. La Grave
  41. Rails and Powder series
  42. Birthday Present help...
  43. Is it impossible to make it as a snowboarder?
  44. Superbowl or Snowboarding?
  45. Local store, rant
  46. tips on shipping a snowboard
  47. Bansko Snow
  48. european pros
  49. New board, New boots, and new studded tires...
  50. My backyard drop-in????(pic)
  51. How to make love to your board
  52. Is It Snowboarding Weather Yet?
  53. I.Pod or Shaun White in the pipe?
  54. Speaking of magazines...
  55. What is your opinion of skiiers vs snowboarders?
  56. Recommended Wax
  57. so i was watching boarderX and...
  58. -14 Outside. Should I Go?
  59. Oakley's 'The Job'
  60. Jeep X-Center
  61. Which board should I bring to Killington?
  62. Contour Users Editing Question
  63. How Can Upgrade my Gear? Hit a Plateau
  64. Contest riders, corporate sponsorship, Shaun White haters; it's all hypocrisy.
  65. Trying to make my board feel more stable at speed
  66. how fast is fast?
  67. Jibbing and your board
  68. astro turf questions.
  69. Really random question
  70. Could really use some help
  71. Looking for someone to host a Skiing web series
  72. Need a host for a Snowboarding web series
  73. Snowboard Bench/Chair?
  74. I Hit my first Tree
  75. I will definitely be waiting for this
  76. Easy way to have a shot at getting SPONSORED
  77. ~~~~FREE Snowboard Stickers~~~~
  78. Suggestions for knees?
  79. X-Games Sunday. Who's watching
  80. X-Games drinking game
  81. 11 year old Pro Snowboarding Edit
  82. When the government runs things...like ski lifts... lol
  83. How Much is too much toe/heel overhang(pictures)
  84. X-Games Saturday Night
  85. Does anybody understand park rules anymore?
  86. Snow board themed room ? Ideas?
  87. Torstein Horgmo
  88. Method Class
  89. Closest Snowboarding to Bay Area
  90. Better than any other out there
  91. Did anyone see Shaun White's last run for slopestyle just now?
  92. Stance - Duck / Forward
  93. Depressed...
  94. backyard park
  95. Picture and Video editor help
  96. Shaun White's tight pants and leather jacket...
  97. Best Snowboard Camps
  98. My newest trick
  99. 3 rescued at Vt. resort after skiing out of bounds
  100. Contour GPS adds screen (kind of)
  101. How much % markup do shops charge on googles
  102. Season in the USA?
  103. my new website
  104. Went riding today at local park.
  105. around which month does burton roll out next years boards?
  106. backyardin it
  107. I'm confused..
  108. Tiny snow slide freaks out snowboarder from Atlanta...
  109. Sharpening edges with a tool and rust
  110. check out my mini edit
  111. Severely Overpriced?
  112. Shipping Costs?
  113. A perfect landing feels amazing!!!
  114. Dear customer, I hope you fall and break your neck.
  115. What's the season like at your local mountain?
  116. Leo's Rant
  117. Stickers?
  118. Why Women aren't busting 1080 double corks?
  119. *&^% cut me off
  120. need help looking for new boots
  121. Good song for an Edit. Help?
  122. Another Board?
  123. My first good clip.
  124. Snoqualmie Edit - Should Check it out
  125. Shopping online eh
  126. park protection?
  127. Your Most Stupidest Fall.
  128. Snow Conditions During Low Temps??
  129. competing boarders who are also friends
  130. Biggest jump you've ever hit
  131. What pisses you off on the mountain?
  132. how much calories do we burn snowboarding?
  133. -6 degrees tomorrow...but cheap tix and 7" of fresh.
  134. Dry Spell
  135. contour hd vs. gopro?
  136. Snowboarders in Exile
  137. Torstein on skis
  138. Snurfs Up'
  139. Park Features
  140. Stomp Pads
  141. Does anyone know any sites having discounts?
  142. snowboard inside an infiniti m35?
  143. Snowboard Addiction, worth it?!
  144. 2011/2012 Snowboard Gear Test
  145. Snowboard World Championships
  146. Snowboard Video, Silver Star, advice plz
  147. departmentofgoods.com -50% off retail
  148. SteepandCheap near win
  149. How overweight are we?
  150. Snowboarding Watch?
  151. How do people spin so fast?
  152. Photographers or Filmers?
  153. Capturing the fun
  154. Terjes letter to the IOC
  155. making a rail
  156. Helmets are AWESOME!
  157. Mild Winter
  158. Looking for bag recommendations for flights...
  159. Maintaining board / bindings
  160. Anyone ever bought or thought about buying a Cabin or House near the Mountain??
  161. Made my first Snowboarding Video
  162. Looking for Snowboarding Footy!!
  163. Shoutout to you all!
  164. snowboard base cleaner
  165. Anyone ever gone heli?
  166. Torstein is waaaay too smooth!
  167. What's the most POPULAR mountain in the NORTHEAST???
  168. I keep STUBBING my toe...
  169. Damn skiers always trying to take me out!
  170. La Rain-ya-lotta
  171. Post the most epic snowboarding picture..
  172. On the coldest day of the year...
  173. What do you think is the biggest challenges or problems we face as snowboarders?
  174. Flying with a snowboard?...
  175. Just DONT do this! LMFAO
  176. Freezing Rain!?
  177. I'm Trying to win a GOPRO! Camp of Champions Weekend Warrior
  178. gopro video of solitude resort
  179. Snowboarding Rail
  180. Cheap sell Indianapolis Colts Jerseys,NBA,NHL,NFL Jerseys at www.gobizdiscount.com
  181. Hating on Skiiers.
  182. 1st weekend of NOT riding !@)(^!@%#!
  183. Snowboarder attitudes on the whole, good or bad?
  184. Centered-stance on an all-mountain board?
  185. What Board Company do you prefer? I need your help!
  186. Foot cramps, is it my boots, or is it just me?
  187. Lost my phone on the hill tonight.
  188. My day on the hill.
  189. Russians Ripping it (Full Length Free Video)
  190. gearswap.com legit?
  191. Favorite kind of snowboarding to watch
  192. Snowboarding sick
  193. Homemade rope tow
  194. Lib Tech Bio Beans wax??????
  195. Snow Day Edit
  196. I've now nailed 180's!
  197. Best online place to get a deal on a waxing kit?
  198. Snow in 49 States
  199. Coming to a resort near you?
  200. Looking for a knowledgeable snowboard sales rep in NJ area
  201. Hip pain after snowboarding.
  202. Ski Tracks app for iPhone/iPod
  203. Trip for a friend.
  204. New Big Boulder Park Edit
  205. What do you do for a Living? How many days do you get to snowboard?
  206. Snowboard Addiction FaceBook Contest (Win DVD Box sets, Stickers and T-shirts)
  207. East Coast snow day!
  208. Stuck on a lift - I made the right decision I think.
  209. Programming?
  210. car racks
  211. getting pretty discouraged
  212. First time on the big hill
  213. Some of the best spins of 2010
  214. All Plugged Up Full Length Free Snowboard Movie
  215. Snowboarding in a hoodie...what layers?
  216. Epic Passes issued by Northstar
  217. Electric Automatic Winch
  218. Photo Contest:theme:snowboarding
  219. video contest on showme.tv
  220. Is it really worth it for me to buy a snowboard?
  221. Contour HD Users
  222. tweaking my setup
  223. Did my stiff setup "spoil" my riding skills? (Sorry, long, loaded question)
  224. Dylan Thompson has some creative jibs
  225. What would u do if your son told you
  226. De-tuning or not ?
  227. What's with the Forum credits?????
  228. what makes a rider deck check like this?
  229. Slopestyle at the Olympics?
  230. 2010/2011 Best Team
  231. to wax or not to wax....
  232. Cheap workbench alternative
  233. When will all the sales be on this season's gear? When to buy boots?
  234. Question for freestyler's - switch angles !
  235. Cheap DIY GoPro Pole
  236. Anyone been mayrhofen Austria ?
  237. Does Burton make any snowboards in the US?
  238. Skier vs. Snowboarders fun battle arguments collection thread
  239. snowboarding exercises and training
  240. Question for you west coasters
  241. Help needed with stance
  242. Boarding Solo
  243. Finding Time to Snowboard
  244. Little kids do not belong in terrain parks or on black runs...
  245. Banking and Credits
  246. my park adventure continues...
  247. What part of the park should I try to work at?
  248. I just went snowboarding for the first time today.
  249. Snowboards.net Deals
  250. Be cool and don't litter the mountains!