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  1. when to apply p tex?
  2. Having trouble finding a new board. Help appreciated.
  3. Can you "feel" when your edges need sharpening?
  4. What do u mean catchy grippy?
  5. Would appreciate a little advice for a newer rider.
  6. Base repair with T-pex candle question
  7. Recommend a board for intermediate to advanced SoCal park/mountain riding?
  8. need some advice
  9. New Board?
  10. Used Board, Is it good?
  11. NeverSummer SL Sizing Help -____-
  12. Boot overhang (pics included)
  13. Should I keep bindings on in Board bag?
  14. is my board too big?
  15. Help me pick a new board, Please.
  16. capita boards?
  17. First post... Too bad its a bad one..
  18. First Board - What Does All of this Information Mean?
  19. gnu b street vs capita horrorscope
  20. Forum Scallywag vs Youngblood Chillydog
  21. 2011-2012 Ride DH?
  22. New Board
  23. need help choosing!
  24. how much better does a fresh waxed board feel?
  25. Advice on New Gear ?!
  26. Kind of questioning the validity of snowboard technology to some extent
  27. Second Board ! Help with Snowboard Size
  28. New freeride/ pow / all mountain killer board ?
  29. womens k2 luna
  30. Help me choose a wide aggressive all-mountain board
  31. Looking for a second board
  32. First Buy
  33. Buying First Board!
  34. Board Size for smaller feet?
  35. Looking for a hard charging freeystyle board.
  36. wax guru- question for you...
  37. what kindof board is this?
  38. Sample Boards
  39. Does anyone have the Bataleon Evil Twin?
  40. Great beauties?
  41. Is this feasible?
  42. capita totally fkn awesome
  43. 2012 Never Summer SL...not as fun as my Slayblade
  44. Help with womens snowboard
  45. park board
  46. Second snowboard, Burton Sherlock >> Custom X (switching from Flying V to Camber)
  47. Is this a good deal for a 2011 Turbo Dream
  48. Has anyone here ridden the '12 NS SL and the '12 Banana Magic
  49. Which would you prefer on chop/ice conditions...grip or damping
  50. Handcrafted or Machined
  51. Help! Size 15 boots
  52. Signal Park?
  53. brand new but to light i think...
  54. Question on Libtech's profiles
  55. what kind of wax
  56. questions about my board shop?
  57. How do I fix this chip in my board??
  58. Any experience with the sherlock?
  59. K2 Raygun vs Ride Antic
  60. How serious is this damage?
  61. YES Basic
  62. Wanna try Bataleon TBT...Free?
  63. braking in board ?
  64. What is your current board?
  65. Buying my first board..need advice!
  66. Rome Garage Rocker Damage
  67. New freeride board wanted
  68. T.Rice, Billy Goat or SL
  69. TRice 157 question
  70. help with stance
  71. What year is this Burton?
  72. Step Child Pro Model 154
  73. Advice - best for me!
  74. Anyone riding Capita's Charlie Slasher?
  75. board size recommendation for 2 beginners
  76. T Rice Edge Separation
  77. Arbor Blacklist all sold out?!?!
  78. K2 Turbo Dream for Novice?
  79. Beginner...I need advice
  80. Cant find this board anywhere!! is it RARE??
  81. Newbie Needs Advice
  82. 156cm Burton Custom Flying V too long for me?
  83. Nug 142 too short for me?
  84. T.rice size?
  85. Did i buy the right board for me?
  86. Intermediate Snowboard Recommendation
  87. what model?
  88. Stoked on Park Pickle
  89. Do I need a shorter board?
  90. 11/12 Gnu Riders Choice Vs Skate Banana
  91. Never summer legacy size help
  92. Is board the right size for kid in lesson
  93. Lin tech skunk ape sizing
  94. Another NS Proto CT Thread.....
  95. Anyone feels strange riding a white board?
  96. burton aura?
  97. zumiez promotional code
  98. How bad is my toe drag???
  99. Is Travis Rice's board a wide?
  100. Can't ride all year, what should I do with board?
  101. Never Summer Pandora
  102. How big is the difference between the NS Premier & Lotus
  103. Magnetraction...I'm a believer
  104. How to p-tex sintered base?
  105. Rossignol Taipan ???
  106. High speeds vs. tight turns?
  107. Factory Wax new Proto?
  108. Whats a good wax?
  109. burton blunt 2012
  110. Mom needs help purchasing a snowboard
  111. Box scratcher a good addition?
  112. soft playful freestyle board rec.
  113. Arbor....... Say it aint so
  114. K2 Turbo Dream.... Opinions?
  115. Was it worth it?
  116. Width Wide v. Reg
  117. Need help with what board to get
  118. 2012 burton process flying v or 2012 skate banana need help
  119. Anyone here with an SL or legacy?
  120. My setup, please advise.
  121. Skate Banana 153w or 156w?
  122. Board Repair
  123. does length make that big of a difference?
  124. Looking for something playful (and good in powder).
  125. Arbor Blacklist or Attack Banana?
  126. Sponsored Boards?
  127. GNU Park Pickle 2012 OR Burton NUG 2012
  128. Never Summer SL - Black or white!!??
  129. buttering and park riding
  130. Cool looking ebay deal
  131. Brand new snowboard - does it need wax?
  132. My 2012 setup - need some help
  133. Yes Basic vs. Signal Omni vs. Technine Camrock
  134. Two boards I'm thinking of: K2 Raygun & Arbor Formula
  135. Never Summer and effective edges..What is the net effect?
  136. K2 WWW compared to Bataleon Fun Kink
  137. this setup worth anything?
  138. K2\Ride snowboard edge technology, where's their version of magnetraction?
  139. Technine CAMROCK 2012
  140. Black Snowboard of DEATH
  141. Board Suggestions
  142. To rocker or not?
  143. Help before my first purchase
  144. Have You Owned This Board? Older Lib Phoenix
  145. Mixed Signals
  146. Help me with a board?
  147. Help Choosing a Board?
  148. Newbie.. please help me pick a set up
  149. Snowboard Size
  150. Never Summer SL vs Proto - what woud be better for me?
  151. Ride Manic 2011 vs 2012
  152. board help
  153. New board larger rider
  154. Finally getting a new board...which one?
  155. snowboard decision
  156. Shipping to the UK
  157. Wide Board for Huge Feet..Too much Toe Hang?
  158. ok... enough lolly gagging
  159. 2012 Burton Custom X- Wise choice?
  160. ok... no more lolly gagging around
  161. First setup...
  162. 2012 T Rice Pro. Which size? HP?
  163. Lib Tech T Rice...which size should I get?
  164. First Board please advice me wich to buy
  165. Board size help!
  166. Volcom snowboards, How do i get one
  167. Looking for all mtn/free ride board
  168. Getting Fastplant 2012. What bindings?
  169. Freeride board for small girl
  170. My first snowboard
  171. buying a board for the BF
  172. Nsfw Lobster
  173. Newbie Question about Selecting Beginner/Intermediate Board and Binding
  174. Flow Verve vs. Flow Infinite
  175. LIB Jamie Lynn vs. NS Heritage
  176. Going from Lamar Legend to Never Summer Legacy
  177. Rome agent or NS
  178. Flow Verve
  179. NS Proto with Red or White 390s?
  180. Board advice
  181. Technine???
  182. New Board Advice Please
  183. What site to buy my new board from???
  184. Bought my board!
  185. Lobster Jib vs Rome Artifact
  186. 2011 GNU Danny Kass
  187. H-Street Snowboard Value?
  188. yes snowboard
  189. NS Revolver in CO - first trip west
  190. Help sizing Evo
  191. Is the damage on my board bad?
  192. Help with Board size
  193. Board size error? Looking for advice
  194. Big Foot Headache
  195. Looking for a new board
  196. All mountain board, TRS C2 BTX? Attack Banana?
  197. Has Nike ever made boards?
  198. What board?
  199. What size board should i be looking for?
  200. 163 NS Legacy
  201. Should I down the size of the NS Proto?
  202. Board too short?
  203. What to look for in a powder board?
  204. Burton Nug with size 12's
  205. Waxing new board.
  206. K2 Slayblade too stiff ! need new deck
  207. BRAND NEW snowboarded. need help with boards
  208. Help pick a board. (Intermediate all mountain)
  209. Stay where I'm at or upgrade
  210. What board size - Never Summer SL?
  211. Anyone Know The Story With This Old Asylum Shrink Snowboard?
  212. Frostbite, Magnetraction...what does Never Summer have?
  213. have i outgrown my board?
  214. Powder Board Recommendations Please
  215. burton punch
  216. Is a Lib Tech Skate Banana the right board for me?
  217. Does size matter?
  218. New setup
  219. The hardest decision.
  220. Burton is replacing my board. What should I get?
  221. 2013 Never Summer ___ Carbonium Series
  222. Beginner looking for an "advanced" board
  223. I need help with choosing a new board
  224. Oops...Did I go too large with this board purchase?
  225. Illuminati boards any good?
  226. Weekend Snowboards?
  227. All mountain freestyle board (to replace Nitro Team 2009)
  228. Never summer snowboards in Europe?
  229. Ride Machete? Experience, Sizing, Bindings?
  230. Board upgrade - intermediate rider
  231. Whats gooooddd?
  232. 09/10 Park Pickle and 12 Pickle
  233. Jones Flagship vs. NS Raptor
  234. Storage Wax Question
  235. K2 WWW or Ride Kink - both 156 wides
  236. Question About Burton Snowboard?
  237. What year is this Never Summer evo? & is it R.C
  238. Board Recommendation
  239. help picking board size
  240. help picking board
  241. Gnu vs Gnu! My mind is exploding...
  242. Need advice on women's boards for my girlfriend
  243. Board Recommendation
  244. Good Deal?
  245. Can someone tell me what year my board is thanx
  246. Quick question about waxing.
  247. NS Proto has the same tech as..?
  248. New board help.
  249. 2011 5150 Movment: Opinions?
  250. Intermediate is looking for freeride equipment