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  1. Burton Blunt any good?
  2. Sierrascope detune
  3. Rome Postermania vs. Rome Agent
  4. stolen board. depressed. what to do?
  5. what about a NS legacy 02/03?
  6. Snowboard suggestions?
  7. For those who want a 2009 Burton Custom Snowboard.
  8. Burton's Series 13
  9. Buying a new board
  10. NS SL-R for $400, should I?
  11. Is this the right set for me?
  12. Sierra Crew or SierraTeam
  13. Is there a difference between the 2009 Burton Custom Board and a 2010 Custom Board?
  14. New Park Board Time
  15. New to snowboarding- are lift tikets needed?
  16. Newb, new board
  17. New board thoughts
  18. K2 Podium rumor, feedback, sizing
  19. need a profetional opinion on the best board out of 3
  20. NeverSummer Has a Show
  21. Bought a board from Sierra? (Canada only)
  22. K2 WWW sizing
  23. forum substance vs k2 parkstar
  24. quick question, need quick answer!
  25. Lib-Tech Dark Series C2 BTX vs. Gnu Altered Genetics BTX
  26. Pipe Board
  27. Buy now or wait....New Board, Joystick
  28. board size
  29. Help a Newb
  30. Burton Custom V Rocker
  31. Lib Tech Dark Series C2 BTX vs. Gnu Altered Genetics BTX (and maybe Lib Tech TRS)
  32. My best bet for about $300?
  33. Intermediate rider lookin for woman's board
  34. Is this board length right for me?
  35. Sick deal on an Arbor Element
  36. When do I get a minor tune?
  37. Good deal on Salomon Drift board
  38. Union forces price check
  39. K2 Turbo Dream - Which Size? 156 or 159. Or suggest a board...
  40. Should I get a Bateleon Goliath or LT Skate Banana
  41. when can you but the 2011 boards?
  42. New some gear picked out...need approval
  43. My New Set up! Elan/Artec Ciper + Union Forces *Pics*
  44. Did i buy a size to small?
  45. sierra crew - directional board
  46. salomon drift
  47. Do i need a wide?
  48. what is the difference ebetween all of the rocker techs?
  49. Big Boy
  50. Burton The Channel
  51. Flex/buttering - Rome Machine vs Capita Black Death
  52. Looking ahead to next season
  53. board suggestions...
  54. Thinking of a new deck (women's)
  55. Newb but want my own equipment
  56. Newbie looking for some advice
  57. Beg-Int All Mountain Terrain Board
  58. New Nitro Volume
  59. Artifact vs. Horror FK?
  60. Sierra Crew vs Capita Sierrascope FK
  61. Starter board
  62. Burton Hero or K2 Parkstar
  63. Used Board - New to snowboarding
  64. 'beginner' vs 'advanced' board?
  65. base grind
  66. quick question
  67. Recent Splurge....
  68. Girlfriend needs a new board?
  69. The SL-R can have a centered stance?
  70. Board Recommendation?
  71. New board for next year?
  72. 2011 Burton Hardgoods Catalog
  73. Back At Er...........10 Years Later
  74. Want to start snowboarding
  75. Travis Rice vs Riders Choice
  76. Repair jibbing damage.
  77. Jeremy Jones snowboards
  78. Some fucker hit my board
  79. Anyone ride ARTEC boards? --- Im torn...
  80. If it ain't broke...
  81. Need help with board...
  82. Is your board to tall for you??
  83. In need of board on a budget, buy used?
  84. Questions! NS Legacy sizing
  85. Suggestions on Snowboards
  86. how much would you spend for a brandnew Custom?
  87. Skate banana length/ width
  88. girl posted this in welcome thread, what size board??
  89. Reviews on Burton Blunt Wide?
  90. Repairable?
  91. Cracked Top
  92. Help: How To Fix Damaged Board?
  93. Beginner needs some sage advice
  94. Need Helping Buying New Board
  95. Stuck between two boards
  96. board size recommendation?
  97. Snapped snowboards
  98. K2 Zero 2010
  99. Where to buy an NS board?
  100. Freeride board questions
  101. Dangerous or Not
  102. What's up with my Darkstar binding setup?
  103. What's up with my Darkstar binding setup?
  104. This is probably a long shot.. but..
  105. Capita Stairmaster 148 08/09 for SALE!
  106. Board with Gambling Decal on the Bottom?
  107. Gnu Danny Kass BTX - butters - too stiff?
  108. any reason i should not get a skate banana?
  109. Think this is a cool set up or fail?
  110. SL-R, EVO-R, or any other NS RC board: Frequent dry bases?
  111. Suggest a board?
  112. Choosing between 2 boards
  113. Recommendation for freestyle/park board
  114. Guide to Waxing pt. 3
  115. Guide to Waxing pt. 2
  116. Guide to Waxing pt. 1
  117. Do you need to wax a new board if you arent going to a park?
  118. Rome Artifact as All Mountain??? Too soft?
  119. Camber's bad right?
  120. Are there snowboard cores other than wood available?
  121. What to do with new board?
  122. Need Help Sizing a Board? Here you go!
  123. Nitro Eero Ettala Pro Model
  124. K2 WWW 153 Rocker VS Burton Easy Living 152 V-Rocker
  125. Board Gurus Please help!!
  126. need help with buying a board!
  127. size 13+ foot
  128. First time buyer, probably going to get this board...
  129. Buying a new board.. BEST freestyle board?
  130. what board should i get
  131. If I'm 5'11, is a 164cm board too big?
  132. Turbo Dream...Good Deal?
  133. what should i do 2 clean my snowboard before i wax?
  134. Tall people
  135. burton Custom V-Rocker vs never summer evo-r
  136. Rocky Mountain Powder Board
  137. De-tuning? Bevels? Angles? What?
  138. Is it worth it?
  139. Hummingbird Snowboards made by Mervin any thoughts?
  140. Need feedback for the graphics :)
  141. Help with board width
  142. Just had my board waxed and there are still white streaks
  143. Nitro team for pow?
  144. First Time Buyer....
  145. Anyone know where i can find a turbo dream?
  146. which size board
  147. Is this a good board, for me?
  148. Opinions on the 2010 Burton Dominant?
  149. Planning on getting my own stuff
  150. park board
  151. Never Summer - great story
  152. 6'9" need help selecting board size
  153. Custom V-Rocker with Cartel EST Bindings
  154. White haze on base
  155. Do board models change much over the years?
  156. help me spend money wisely :)
  157. Boads equally comparable to the Burton Custom Rocker
  158. Goo Gone Base cleaner?
  159. Board size question?
  160. de-tuning a 09/10 evo-r
  161. Ride DH2 or Nitro Team Gullwing
  162. Board Advice for a beginner?
  163. Method or cygnus
  164. Jeremy Jones snowboards
  165. sierra snowboards wtf?
  166. Burton Custom Perfect Size? (sorry)
  167. Has anybody rode the 2010 Burton Joystick?
  168. capita 2011 preview video
  169. Another First Time Buyer......
  170. So, I Got My First Board (PICS) - Burton Blunt
  171. Beginner, Intermiediate, Advanced... How to know?
  172. Yes Yes snowboard
  173. Any experience with Burton Lux?
  174. What do you ride in the park thread
  175. How to test a board before buying??
  176. Snowboard weight
  177. Burton Private Stock Fritz the Cat Snowboard
  178. Longer boards with shorter effective edges
  179. Board size - 6'6, 240, 14
  180. NItro swindle sizing
  181. Another size thread - East coast style...
  182. Waxing :/
  183. Need Size Info - Stepchild JP Walker 154 or 157 (Size 12 boot)
  184. Burton Custom Size?
  185. What stance to use on a Park Pickle?
  186. First Board Help - Burton Custom X
  187. Difference between 07, 08 uninc and 09 uninc? Stiffer
  188. Capita 10 Year Anniversary
  189. need to decide on a new board
  190. Bataleon Vs. Dinosaurs Will Die
  191. questions questions question....
  192. Buying tmrw, Could use advice - Stepchild / LibTech / Rome
  193. too much toe over hang?
  194. Capita Stairmaster vs. Capita Stairmaster Extreme
  195. DC vs Forum vs K2
  196. Custom burton and its competitors: truth or myth?
  197. Suggestions on a park setup post-newb
  198. Evo-R NS board!!!
  199. Help with new board
  200. Best Freestyle/Park Board Under $500
  201. PBR Board for sale on ebay
  202. Bataleon Fun Kink - Right for me?
  203. Thoughts on GNU Carbon Series BTX?
  204. Lib Tech board size advice
  205. 2009 rome graft 153cm
  206. Stoker - Flow Giveaway
  207. What do you thik about this board? Need advice.
  208. time for a new ste up!
  209. traditional camber or not?
  210. EVO-R vs. SL-R
  211. DC PBJ Tweener
  212. what do you think of the Flow Quantum?
  213. Shaun White on 60 Minutes
  214. New board: Nitro Andreas Wiig Pro
  215. Same board for 8 years, time for a new one. Help!
  216. 09 Custom ICS for POW?
  217. These Parts For New Board
  218. Is this the 2011 Ride Machete?
  219. Seeking your tips
  220. Any boards that ride like this...
  221. Now, I love animals but I still want this board!!
  222. advice FROM a beginner...
  223. NS Circuit-r
  224. Lamar and ltd/limited boards
  225. Ride or NS
  226. I cant' find this nitro board
  227. choosing a new board - need some NS advice
  228. 2011 Never Summer pics with the Legacy!!
  229. first post, usual question! plz help
  230. New Rider, Old Board
  231. CRACKED EDGES opinions?????
  232. CRACK EDGES opinions?????
  233. Sims future
  234. New To Snowboard from CA... Some questions..
  235. Questions on buying a board...
  236. Burton Jeremy Jones ICS
  237. Burton douchery?
  238. 1993 Craig Kelly Vintage Board what is it worth ?
  239. Looking to score a deal on a board
  240. Gnu Riders Choice Sizing
  241. Forum Destroyer: Travis Kennedy PRO vs. Normal Model
  242. DC snowboard help
  243. Any thoughts on a Flow Infinite board?
  244. Ride antic vs control
  245. Thoughts on the GNU Altered Genetics
  246. ride cue boards?
  247. What size snowboard for 6 ft 135lb?
  248. Stuck on board size.. Capita Stairmaster 148 or 152?
  249. Bindings that go with NS boards
  250. So, I went boarding for the first time today!