Check Out the Top 5 High-End Snowboard Bindings of 2016

There are a lot of bindings out there that will keep your board strapped to your feet whilst riding downhill, but if you want to know what a binding company is capable of, you go straight to the top. Below is our list of the top five high-end bindings with all of the latest and greatest tech in the industry.

1) NOW O-Drive (shown above)

By now most of you have probably heard of NOW Bindings and their Skate-Tech technology, but have you heard of the O-Drive? This binding is the most aggressive binding in the line and is used by the likes of Romain De Marchi, Ryland Bell and Manuel Diaz. They have one key ingredient that separates them from the rest, carbon fibre.

2) Union FC

This binding is a showstopper. It won the ISPO Product of the Year award for 2015 in the Action Sports category. FC stands for Forged Carbon, which this binding is made of as you might have guessed. Because of this, the binding has a 10:1 strength to weight ratio. The FC was made for advanced riders looking for a binding to keep up, but I think the tables may have turned on this one.UnionReal3) Rome Katana

A katana is a long single edged sword, these are snowboard bindings and they are all about customization. They feature Rome’s PivotMount Technology, Stage 2 Underwrap and V-ROD concepts, which basically means that the flex and pop can be adjusted to suit any style of riding and terrain in a very lightweight package.


4) Flux DL

The DL is the lightest binding in Flux’s line and was created solely for freestyle purposes. They are meant to feel invisible on your feet and provide the most board feel possible while lapping the park or hitting spots in the street. Team riders Erik Leon and Jake Schaible rep these bindings all season long.DL_01

5) Salomon Quantum

Last, but not least is the Salomon Quantum! Cliché right? These bindings deserve a spot on this list with their asymmetrical carbon constructed highback and ShadowFit Technology. These babiess were made to do it all and live up to the challenge in a very lightweight and comfortable package. If it’s good enough for Josh Dirksen, it’s good enough for you.Salomon_quantumREAL

Did we miss any on this list? Let us know!