The K2 Cool Bean Turns Groomers into Pow Fields

We’ve come full circle people, back to the days of the early pioneers handcrafting powder boards in their garages and guinea pigging them the next day. The difference is that now it’s well-established snowboard companies creating old shapes with new tech. K2 isn’t the only company doing this, but they’re doing a great job producing some very unique and fun boards that would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s quiver.

The K2 Cool Bean is in fact a surfboard. Take this baby out into the swell and see what she’s made of! On second thought maybe K2 is simply referring to the board’s ability to float on snow easily when they say “Surf Vibes,” but the Cool Bean is a wide swallowtail that comes in one size, 144. Luckily when the waist width is 28.7 cm the length of the board doesn’t matter so much, especially when it’s paired with K2’s All Terrain Baseline camber profile—it’s actually got the same footprint as a 158 so it stays way above the bottom. And the tail is surprisingly springy, allowing you to Ollie off cat tracks deep into the freshies. So, if you believe in manifesting powder days, try adding this board to your quiver.

But perhaps the craziest thing about the K2 Cool Bean is that it kills groomers just as well, turning a regular day on the hill into one massive carve-fest… This board is seriously fun on any terrain.


Tech Specs

Camber: All Terrain Baseline

Sizes: 144

MSRP: $499.95 USD

Link: K2 Cool Bean