Today’s Top 3 Threads: Fraud At Jay Peak, Park Rats in Hardboots and Going Quiver Crazy’s forums are firing today with everything from a discussion of ponzi-crime at one of the East’s favourite resorts to members sharing photos of their favourite boards. Here’s the Top 3 of today….

Thread: Fraud at Jay Peak

SBF member captaingarbonza writes: “Shit, hope this doesn’t affect the mountain too much:” VT, feds allege ‘massive’ fraud at Jay Peak Inc.

But it looks like Jay Peaks is in real jeopardy. Be a part of the discussion here.


Thread: This is What Happens When You Put Freestylers In Hardboots posted this hilarious video of a couple of park rats trying their hand at some race setups…  Are they snowboard boots or old school ski boots?  Here’s what forum members had to say about it.


Thread: Show us your quiver.

This “Show us your quiver” thread is so popular on the forum , it’s already 51-pages long…. Check out some of our members’ board collections and add yours to the mix HERE.