Today’s Top 3 Threads: On Bad Conditions, Layering Advice and Which Park Board is the Best?

Mark McMorris at the Blackcomb Park, Whistler, BC. Photo: Scott Serfas / © Red Bull Media House
Got a burning question about snowboarding you’ve always been afraid to ask?  Every day someone over on asks what you’re thinking and its incredible community of shred experts chimes in with answers. Here’s a roundup of knowledge that got dropped today on SBF.

Thread: Bad conditions – when do you stop?

SBF Senior Member dave785 asks, “So I’m curious what you guys usually do during bad conditions. Is there a point when it’s too icy, too slushy, too moguled out, etc…?”

Thread: I’m in need of a new parkboard – End of season sale

SBF Junior Member Fiddsy asks: “Been boarding in my gore-tex shell jacket and pants wearing undies and a simple cotton t shirt and jumper (light or heavy depending on conditions) tho im finding after a full day boarding its damp with sweat and usually wet around the hood and hand cuffs due to the elements. But i mainly need advice on upper body layering.. T shirt and jumpers just dont feel like they are cutting it. Advice – am i on the right track? Question – how do you all layer for warm/cold days?”

What do you think when it comes to layering? Have your say over here where our experts offer up two pages of advice.