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ice_man 05-22-2014 03:58 AM

Euro Snow & Beer Trip
I'm quite new to snowboarding (3yrs) and very new to forums and the like such as this site. I came across this awesome sounding trip when I was talking to a travel agent friend of mine:

Italian Snowboarding & Craft Beer Tour 2015 - Taste of Life Tours

I think it sounds great. My mate (the agent) thinks that we could get a group discount rate on it (although I don't think it sounds too span no anyways). So I'm hitting up a few forums to see if anyone else might be heading Europe way for their winter and may be interested in getting on board with a group of us to check out this pretty unique idea of a trip.

Love to hear your thoughts

Mizu Kuma 05-22-2014 05:47 AM

What's ya commission like?????

chomps1211 05-22-2014 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by Mizu Kuma (Post 1717690)
What's ya commission like?????

Mizu,.. Being fairly new to SBF. The correct response to this sort of post is,...

"Fuck Off Spammer Skier!" :thumbsup: ;) -sigh- 'tis the season I suppose.

ice_man 05-22-2014 07:16 AM

I wish I could get a commission! But they say that they only deal with little groups of max 7 people, so I thought that if I could find 5 or six others interested in the trip, we would have a good chance of getting like a 10% discount or something like this, which would drop the price down to somewhere in the region of $2500, which is better than $2800.

I just wanna do some riding in Europe and this sounded like a decent idea to get a guided intro to Italian boarding (and beer!).

I was a craft beer lover before getting into snowboarding, and this was the only thing of its kind I've been able to find anywhere in the world. It seemed to tick the right boxes. Maybe it will for others as well.

Just putting it out there.

ridinbend 05-22-2014 07:59 AM

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Italian beer sucks.

Mizu Kuma 05-22-2014 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by chomps1211 (Post 1717762)
Mizu,.. Being fairly new to SBF. The correct response to this sort of post is,...

"Fuck Off Spammer Skier!" :thumbsup: ;) -sigh- 'tis the season I suppose.

I thought I did, chomps?????

I just did it in a more diplomatic fashion!!!!! :laugh:

Tatanka Head 05-22-2014 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by ridinbend (Post 1717794)
Italian beer sucks.

This. Moretti is fine, but not worth the flight and cost to drink.

Fly to California or Oregon and drink some craft beers and do some awesome boarding.

Edit: woah...drunk typing

ice_man 05-22-2014 08:34 AM

Thanks for the welcome guys. You're nothing if not quick off the mark to slag a newbie to your forums. I'm not sure what gives you the idea that I am either a spammer, a skier, on commission or anything else. It seems like all of Australia is heading to Japan at the moment. Maybe I should have looked at more Japanese tours and found one of them that suited my wants, then mentioned that on the forum. You know, stay with the flock and all that. But then that is not why I posted on here anyway.

Firstly, obviously you know nothing about craft beer if all you can think of in terms of Italian craft beer is mass produced shite like moretti and peroni.

Several of their true craft breweries have been awarded with best craft brewery in the world titles, and many more of their beers have been rated as best in the world as well as for their individual beers on websites such as and beeradvocate which are not industry sites, but sites where craft beer drinkers (not too cool for school snowboarders who generally look for the cheapest apres snow happy hour to drink their sorrows away) actually score the beers. So they are a truer indication of their quality as they are rated by drinkers not journos.

See for yourselves (although judging by your terribly witty remarks, I doubt you even took 5 seconds to look at the trip before you started bagging it out).

Brewfist Spaceman
Baladin X-Fum? (Lapsang Souchong)
Birra del Borgo My Antonia

Anyway, if you wanna be haters, go on and hate. I'm just looking to see if atone is interested in doing something different to going to Japan with the rest of the herd.

Mizu Kuma 05-22-2014 08:58 AM

Oh, sorry man!!!!!

Okay then, I'll spend 5K on a 10 day trip with a complete stranger!!!!!

Now, how to tell the crew that I'm cancellin the Japan stint?????

Tatanka Head 05-22-2014 09:05 AM

I actually did read the site (slow day at work). No need to catch feelings. I was serious about the California and PNW thing. Loads of great micro/craft brews to be had. To me, Italy is not the craft beer mecca. I go to Italy when I want cheap eats and fresh seafood. I buy my craft beers from a shop and pay about $3.50-5.00 per 12oz bottle. I'll venture out and try some new European breweries (quite a few breweries in Norway and Germany are popping up...even a decent one in Switzerland)now and then, but nothing compares to the American ones. I tend to stick with my favorites from California (anchor steam, lagunitas, stone, etc), when they are available. Sierra Nevada (if it can still be considered a craft brewery anymore) is the old stand-by for when nothing else is available. I'm not a brewmaster by any means, but I have an idea.

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