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BckCntryDesgn 03-12-2014 03:18 PM

Back-Country Safety Thesis Project.
Hey everyone,

I am an industrial design student at Wentworth institute of technology, and am currently working on my senior thesis project which is to create a product that helps create a safer experience for beginner riders in the back-country. I have been a passionate snowboarder for about 10 years and am very interested in what you guys will have to say. If you could take this survey in the link i attached, it would really help me recognize the areas of opportunity that need attention in the growth of back-country snow sports. Anything that you can contribute will be a huge help in my process. feel free to write as much or as little as you want. Thank You!!

p.s. If you are further interested in my project and would like to be a bigger part of my project you can email me at

trapper 03-12-2014 03:21 PM

Make a video, get responses. Don't make a video, get flamed.

snowklinger 03-12-2014 03:48 PM

no, no, I did not take teh survey
I'm so excited.

neni 03-12-2014 04:05 PM

FYI: :)

Edit: You'll get plenty of helpful answers if you follow the rules, lot of - uhm - interesting posts if arguing against them

wrathfuldeity 03-12-2014 05:13 PM

does this mean bc bud for safety meetings in the bc....
what about the pre bc safety checks...
perhaps a new safety device for the safety meetings

wait is there bc on the east coast :unsure:...Boston College is bc :dunno:

linvillegorge 03-12-2014 05:16 PM

I'm all for improving safety in the backcountry, but exactly what are you looking to do here. I'd just like to get a bit of insight on whether or not it's worth my time to spend on your survey.

killclimbz 03-12-2014 05:33 PM

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Heh, you had better make an introduction video and let us know a little about what you are trying to come up with...

ShredLife 03-12-2014 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by killclimbz (Post 1608674)
Heh, you had better make an introduction video and let us know a little about what you are trying to come up with...

... so i can crush your dreams.

lab49232 03-12-2014 05:48 PM

I was gonna post something snarky but instead I'll just post this xkcd: Slippery Slope (be sure to hover over the image for caption)

andrewdod 03-13-2014 01:21 PM

You really aren't that smart are you? How hard is it to read a FAQ? :storm:

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