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jeri534 08-20-2010 01:14 AM

splitboard size recommendation?
So Im interested in picking up a Venture Euphoria splitboard in a 166, it has 2.5mm setback and 20mm taper. Im about 5'10" 190, my regular boards are usually 158-160. Will a 166 be too long? My terrain will be primarily PNW cascades and Utah Wasatch mountains, this is my first year splitboard too.


killclimbz 08-20-2010 07:50 AM

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This is rockered right? Normally I'd say you are fine with a traditional cambered board, but in this case it might be a little big. With your weight it's not an unreasonable choice. Especially if you are getting a good deal on it. Venture is making some pretty fine stuff these days. Definitely one of the elite splitboard makers imo. Neversummer being the other.

The wisdom with rocker is that you actually want to size down a little. The wisdom with a backcountry stick is you want to size up 4-6cm's. So what that boils down to me is that is you are already on an alternative camber board for your normal ride, you can size it up. If you are riding a regular camber board, getting the same size rockered split as your resort stick is probably the way to go. This is a rule of thumb. If you feel like you can handle the 166, I'd say go for it. It's going to float like none other.

If it's not rockered, then don't think, just pull the trigger if you want it.

jeri534 08-20-2010 10:50 PM

killclimbz, whats your thoughts on bindings? Right now I have a set of Karakorams pre-ordered, but being as this is my first season and they are still new in the binding business I think I may just get some cheaper, right now Im looking at Voile Light Rail bindings, Ive been reading on them on the forums and it seems to have mixed feelings on them.

But it also seems to be that buying bindings seems pretty important, they are the interface and take a lot of abuse, and the Karakorams look to be built really well also.

Id also be buying a board without hardware/skins so I guess it wouldnt be too much more expensive than a set of bindings + hardware kit

killclimbz 08-23-2010 09:15 AM

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The reviews on the Karakorum's so far seem to be pretty legit. If they work like they look too, it should be an improvement over the Voile system. I will say that the Voile system has always been great in it's simplicity. There really isn't much to break and it's bomber. The only thing I've broken are a couple of tail clips and a couple of Voile slider plates. Both of the tail clips were my fault and the slider plates, well that is design problem. They have been working on the bindings and system for over two years now, so they should be pretty good out of the gate. Of course, some design flaws will show, but I suspect they will be fairly minor with them.

So that brings me to the Voile Light Rail. Most people who use them are happy with them, but they have the same tab on the slider that cracks as the Voile plates. With it being integrated into the base plate, it should be stronger, but I think it's still going to be a weak point. I've brought this up to Voile on the splitboard forum and they got PISSED. Too bad, I stuck to my guns on it, but they don't seem to want to redesign it. The Spark R&D binding seem to have a much more solid design and the binding sits lower to the board than the light rail. So it's more of a regular board feel when riding.

I'd say price it out. Splitboard specific binders are $300, add the Voile interface and I am guessing you are looking at $450-$500. If you have to buy skins that's another $150 I believe. So it might just be well worth your while to go with the Karakorum system. If anything email those guys and ask them how they are going to back up any issues that may arise after the fact it gets to market. I have a hunch they'll take care of it, so they do seem to be a pretty good bet. If the cost savings is worth it to you, go with the Voile set up. It's proven and works just fine. I've been riding on it for around ten years now and my first Voile set up works as good as my newer ones.

jeri534 08-24-2010 02:51 AM

thanks for your help

decided to get a more all around board and preorder a Zephyr Split in 163, Venture is a bit more than I wanted to spend but from everything Ive read their boards are built tough, I ride NS boards so Im looking for burly boards that can take a beating, especially for a splitboard. Im still going to go with the Karakorams but whos know I may change my mind a few times by then.

Ill be in CO so hopefully we can ride sometime :thumbsup:

killclimbz 08-24-2010 08:55 AM

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You know that Neversummer has two splits they are making for next season? The Raptor and the Summit. The Raptor is completely bad ass. Just fyi.

We'll have to get out once the snow starts to fly around here. There is a strong splitter contingent in Colorado. I had more days out with splitboarders than any other backcountry user. That is in stark contrast to the last 5 seasons. Definitely good stuff.

jeri534 08-24-2010 08:19 PM

Yeah I know NS is making splits, Im pretty set on getting those karakorams so I wouldn't need the voile kit

Ill pm vman and see if you can get them without the voile interface kit

killclimbz 08-25-2010 08:30 AM

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I would think so. The kit costs them money too. With the advent of Karakorum, I think we are going to see more and more splits come sans interface. Which will make them a bit cheaper up front, but I bet the overall cost goes up slightly when you buy the kit and skins.

linvillegorge 10-02-2010 01:29 PM

Pretty shitty of the Voile guys to get kissed about customer feedback. That's free R&D work right there.

SLshredUT 04-28-2011 10:51 PM

Alright, I need a little feedback please. I'm considering buying a Never Summer Legacy 159 that was split via water jet. Pics of it look great, I'm not too concerned about the quality of the board. The concern is the sizing. I'm 6'2" and 205 lbs is the 159 going to be too small for back country touring? I use the NS Proto CTX 158 at the resorts and the size is right on. I'm just concerned about the back country side, skinning and what not.

Any input is great, thanks.

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