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BoardChitless 12-29-2013 07:18 PM

Omni '13
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to add some chit about my Brotaleon. Rave about for many features, but mostly just the simple concept of TBT.

Only thing is, I wished my Omni 158 had a tad stiffer flex for high speed capabilities & feel nonetheless. I like total control with the mach speeds... Although, this mid flex range has helped my @ss land a lot more than I would with a board that had NO TBT & a stiffer flex. It is forgiving 100% when needed, and for most riders, I think it makes total sense for an all around mountain stick.

TBT is the truth. If you guys are park studs, and you don't have a Bataleon, you are missing out. That is & will be the biggest market no matter what for a TBT board IMO.

The other thing is, I like the quick turn in the glade runs, and the low drag on the catwalks which make me wave by others in slow-mo.

Even though, I want a Capita FK'N Awesome, Jones Flag & the new GNU Billy Goat(w/ CB3) for other reasons... I may ride TBT for the rest of my life if I just only could have one board.

TBT all-mountain sleds are the true hybrid. My Omni 158 purely just cruises on flat or steep descents... and can curve in the pow, bump & corduroy all the same with ease. Also, the soft front wide tip on the Omni is definitely a notable feature for those who are pow freaks.

midnightcaper 12-31-2013 12:03 PM

Sweet! But how is it on icy slopes? I'm in the PNW and it gets icy up here

BoardChitless 01-05-2014 08:42 PM

I try to stay away of ice, so I can't judge all too well. I do believe magnetraction and similar boot to boot serrated cuts do perform better, so that could be a downfall if you are looking for one about Bataleon.

The TBT doesn't really effect the ice nonetheless, but they could incorporate some patent pending serrated cuts foot to foot in the future.

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