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Snowblower 03-16-2008 11:08 PM

My review: Rome Targas
So a lot of people want to know more about these bindings, and I've also have some PMs about them. Well, since I was lucky enough to get them cheap on eBay, I couldn't pass them up. As it is, I'm a beginner bordering on intermediate, and this IS my first board setup, and hence, my first set of bindings (after dealing with rental crap).

I was in Revelstoke Mountain Resort (AWESOME) for 3 days of riding last week, and it was my first time with my board, boots, and bindings, so it's hard to tease out just the info on the bindings. But as time went on, I could get a better feel for what the Targas were contributing. And now, since I just got back from a boarding day in Whistler, I have an even better understanding of the bindings.

In short: they're awesome. Before even using them, I had adjusted them for my boot size. I had a lot of trouble getting my lead foot situated comfortably in the binding all through my Revelstoke trip... I just kept having the pinky toe "excluded" from being bound, and I couldn't figure out why! I was also having issues with the flex... finding it was too flexy and not responding to my attempts to turn fast enough. Well... now I get it. I went back through the manual, and I get understand the customization options now. I didn't know the toe straps could be adjusted by pulling UP on the tabs, then sliding them forward or back, then pushing them back down. That solved the toe problem. And the flex? Well, I took out the flex pads that were in the bindings, and replaced them with the stiffer flex pads that come in the box.... and BOOM! Much better lead foot control now when commanding a turn. It's like modding my car's suspension so that it responds JUST how I want it to, with little to no loss of feedback.

I haven't even attempted to adjust highback yet, so we'll see if that helps even further. But seeing how the adjustability of damn near everything else really does affect how you ride, I have to say that if you can score these for cheap on WM/SAC or eBay, do it. They're incredible, and as a bonus, they just look plain awesome (I have the black ones).

squishydonut 03-17-2008 12:02 PM

i concur. the customization is amazing. i never knew how much of it was unique 'till i saw my friend's bindings. great stuff. :thumbsup:

AZred60 03-17-2008 10:37 PM

ditto...i also like the toe strap on the targas...i think it holds better and it alot more universal than other designs i have seen.

dingozlife 03-18-2008 11:56 PM

i finally got the rubber ankle strap thing to work where it opens the strap wide open when u unstrap, tho the back foot binding strap gets in the way of the stomp pad..

NYCboarder 03-19-2008 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by dingozlife (Post 43813)
i finally got the rubber ankle strap thing to work where it opens the strap wide open when u unstrap, tho the back foot binding strap gets in the way of the stomp pad..

for me i dont even use the rubber thing.. because i have to adjust the ankle straps pretty large to fit around my boot.. so i dont even bother when they get worn out and flop all over i may put use it.. also i noticed the stretch plate under the toes i returned all the way back so i have more overhang.. i feel more comfy with it..
So many damm adjustments that i think it will take me a couple days out next season (since this season in NY is over :() to get it perfect

Augie09 03-19-2008 08:58 AM

My targas are great, but one minor complaint about highbacks. Say your back foot is ducked and you rotate the back foot highback to be parallel with the board edge, there is this nub on the bottom of the high back that now pokes out into your boot, created by moving the screw that mounts the high back from position 1 to position 2. Although you totally can't feel this nub and doesn't affect riding, it does after days of use start to wear a hole into you boots where it contacts them. I think I'll take a grinder to it soon.

edit: i have the 06/07 targas, not sure if this happens on the 07/08

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