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Eat Sleep Shred 12-14-2013 11:29 PM

Bindings for old school Slackcountry
I have a Ride Slackcountry I bought on a bit of a whim this year looking for a freeride deck and I was presently surprised. The problem I ran into is simply with my Union Forces aren't giving me quite enough support to torque the deck for drifty turns. If I really crank the highbacks forward I get pressure points which choke off my feet and they go numb. I've been keeping them at around a 3 or 4 which is okay but turn initiation is sluggish if I can't dig in my edge in. I'm looking for a replacement binding that is a fair bit stiffer but I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on a binding with carbon highbacks. The price tag is unappealing and I've heard about problems with bite, so I was leaning toward a conventional highback. The problem is the Force's stiffness and ideal application seem to vary with opinion and its hard to compare it with other bindings. I also have a gripe with Ride bindings and I've elected to avoid them entirely if I can help it. I could use some ideas of what to look at from other camps but I'm really at a loss, any advice is very much appreciated.

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