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zazox 01-02-2014 02:39 AM

Another centering thread
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Happy New Year all!

I am setting up my new setup (hmmz) and wanted to get your opinion on the centering of the bindings and boots. Pictures attached. Does this look fine or should it be perfected? Didnt have a chance to ride it yet.

Any general comments on the setup are also very welcome. What we have here is a 12/13 Ride Machete GT 161 Wide, 13/14 Flow NX2-AT XL, 13/14 Ride Triad boots size 12.

Thanks for any input!

sp3000 01-02-2014 04:20 AM

Looks fine, but i would rotate the high backs to be more parallel to the boards edge.

blackbeard 01-02-2014 04:48 AM


Originally Posted by sp3000 (Post 1390841)
Looks fine, but i would rotate the high backs to be more parallel to the boards edge.

second that

zazox 01-02-2014 10:31 AM

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated and looks like I will be fine at least the first runs down. Some tweaking will come after that anyway of course. Those highbacks can't be rotated though, only moved up or down unfortunately.

Any comments on the actual setup? This thing with me on top will be mostly shredding European groomers with a bit of resortish pow and will try to get the rider (aka me) to have a go at some kickers in the park. Any "you did it all wrong" comments?

Oldman 01-02-2014 10:37 AM

You look good to go.

If I have one little suggestion, you might want to play with the toe ramp on those Flows. You could try extending it just a little to see if that improves your toe side control, but not at the expense of binding / toe drag.

You are down to the very fine tune at this point.

RIDE !!!!!!! :)

zazox 01-02-2014 10:52 AM

The gas pedal is all the way out already, and with that the flows are perfectly aligned with no overhang. My concern was the boot alignement, as there is an option of moving the high back, cable and straps to the back position. However my boot is pretty centred in the binding ATM and changing that would mean I would have to push the toe platform in and reposition the bindings closer to the toe edge.

Oldman 01-02-2014 05:04 PM

I am riding a pair of NX2 AT Flow bindings. Size L

Burton Tribute Size 11 Boot

The only issue I had during setup was figuring out if the highback should be mounted in the smaller ( forward ) position or in the bigger ( back ) position.

This adjustment is the screw at your ankle.

The bindings were shipped with the highback in the forward position and I set them up at home and thought I had them dialled in.

However when on the hill I found that when I did up the bindings they dug into the back of my heel. I could feel a pinch right though my boot.

Solution was to move the high back and cable to the back position, readjust my straps and the pinch was gone. I did not have to move the binding on the board.

Love the bindings and I am sure you will to. ENJOY !!!!!

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