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MoparMan2011 01-16-2014 12:32 AM

Easy quick strap binding modification
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Hey guys, wanted to just share this little modification that I did. I'm sure I'm not the first one to come up with it but this is how I made my bindings a little quicker to get into.

To my knowledge Salomon is the only one who makes the Fast Fit toe strap. Which if you have never seen keeps the ratchet side and the notched strap attached at all times. You just lengthen the toe strap all the way to slide your boot in, push it down and just give a few ratchets and your set.

I only recommend doing this if you have the cap toe strap and NOT the traditional toe strap that goes on top of the boot.

With a Few pictures below, this is what I did to modify my Burton Customs to do the same thing. Its pretty simple if you have the right tools, and you don't have to do it exactly how I did; just use the same concept.

To start, connect the toe strap and lengthen it out to where the ratchet is on the last tooth of the strap and put your boot on and step in the binding to see if your straps are long enough in the first place and see if you feel like there is enough room to slide your boot in and out easily.
What I did was took a drill with an 1/8 inch drill bit and drilled into the out most part of the toothed side toe strap, giving a little room so it doesn't get ripped out if it gets yanked on. I connected both sides and put an 1/8 inch rivet through the hole. This makes it where the binding can't come all the way undone when you undo your bindings. I'm sure you can use other things in place of the rivet, but I had some and they are light, small, and not very noticeable!

Hope this helps some of you who struggle putting your bindings on standing up or who just want to do it a little quicker. If ya have any questions just ask!

scottb7 01-16-2014 07:18 PM

Brilliant. Love it Thanks for sharing.

lab49232 01-16-2014 07:28 PM

So perfect! I was really confused the first time I saw it on a Salomon binding but three seconds after playing with it I realized the brilliance. Not great for monster sized boots or people overly concerned about pure aesthetics (The Salomon versions have a HUGE ladder strap on the toe) but for the rest of us it's pretty great :yahoo:

timmytard 01-17-2014 04:40 AM

I think the over-sized ladder is the key though.

I have a pair of Salomon fast fit, they work.

ballistic, from this forum, has done what you've done to a pair of burtons.

I guess my 9.5 Flow Hylites are bigger than his 9.5 K2 Thraxis'

What a fuckin' nightmare for me when we swapped out boards:dizzy:

I had to twist my boot, put my toe in, then try lift me heel over the side of the highback.

I've already thought of how to improve it:thumbsup:

You need to attach a little piece of aluminum to the end of the strap, that looks like this "T" As long as the perpendicular part is wider than the ladder it won't go through.:bowdown:


SuCoSlayer 01-17-2014 01:06 PM

Brilliant. I might have to try this on my Ride Revolts. It's not a cap strap but it is a hybrid toe strap that can fit around the boot's toe rather than on top of it. I've been thinking about getting a set of Burton cap straps and seeing if I can get them attached to my Rides. Anyone tried this? It appears Burton uses straps that install by feeding them through the underside of the binding and they're held in place by a big round notch that cathes in a socket built into the binding. IIRC, Ride uses nuts and bolts, so I may have to do some modding. I really like the true cap strap, same as the Baltimore toe strap from Technine (pretty sure they came up with it first but Burton appears to have done pretty well with it, and I can't find a set of replacement Baltimore straps, but Burton cap straps are easy to find online).

Great idea and nice write-up!

slyder 01-18-2014 09:32 AM

MoparMan to add to your idea which I really like. Good post for the forum.
Ever think of a Christmas tree plug or grommet type fastener/plug. It would really help clean up the look, no chance of tearing a glove and removable if necessary.
I know this was a 1st attempt just putting in my engineering thoughts :thumbsup:

Something along the lines of these, of course sized to fit and look proper.

chomps1211 01-22-2014 06:57 PM

Just tried this out yesterday on the rear foot toe strap for my old Cartels! Awesome little mod!!!! No more fishing around, searching or threading that damned ladder strap! No more finding it's gotten wedged under the toe of the boot etc.

Just step in, swivel the whole assembly over your toe, push, ratchet n GO!!!!:yahoo:

Love it, Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

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