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Argo 01-17-2014 07:26 PM

Flow - AMAZING customer service
So we did our trip to Europe in December. We had a few hiccups but my binding was the first one. Our gear was loaded with a shitload of ski racers gear from a championship that happened in vail/beave the week prior to when we were leaving. Somewhere along the line, between Denver and Zurich, the temps in the cargo area got down to -90f and had a shitload of weight on my board bag.

When we got to St Anton, Austria nothing looked strange when we put he gear together. We went up the tram to the summit, I went to strap in and my highback snapped in half. The binding is not rideable like this. I have the nx2-SE.


Anyhow, we that ride often have a death before download motto so........ We rode down. I rode my sons little board, my sons coach wanted to go one footed so he rode mine, my son rode his board and my wife watched us. It was pretty scary going down steep black Austrian ice groomers.... We made it though and grabbed some beers at Moosewirts, awesome place!

After beer I asked around town about flow retailers and none had spare parts or ability to repair. They sold me a pair of lightly used burton bindings and I used the rear one for the next day and that afternoon.

Anyhow, I emailed flow a picture and description of the failure. They immediately replied and asked where they could send me a replacement. No question of the 200+ riding days on them or any usage info at all. Their customer service dept found a highback and had it overnighted to me in Austria. It ended up coming from a distributor in Germany. Major kudos to them for making that extra effort to get me the binding parts so damn quickly at a hotel/flat in the middle of the Austrian mountains the next day. :bowdown::thumbsup::eusa_clap:

I'll post a picture or two from my phone.

Argo 01-17-2014 07:31 PM

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The binding broken...

AcroPhile 01-17-2014 07:32 PM

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Flow is great. I emailed them about a lost screw and nut for the toe ladder a while ago. They emailed me back right away and I had the replacement parts and stickers within a few days.

I just broke my Flows again today. Actually the steal cable that holds the highback up broke. I'll try to get in touch with them this weekend or Monday and we'll see how it goes this time around.

Argo 01-17-2014 07:32 PM

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Moosewirt slopeside bar....

SuCoSlayer 01-17-2014 09:28 PM

Great to hear of a company taking care of its customers. Looks like you are having a good time. Prost!

t21 01-17-2014 09:56 PM

:thumbsup: great company!

surfinsnow 01-17-2014 10:11 PM

Similar happened to me a couple of years ago at Tahoe. Noticed a broken strap when I arrived...they Fed-Exed the spare parts to the repair shop, plus an extra set, no questions asked. Consistently excellent customer service from Flow.

snowklinger 01-18-2014 01:27 AM

cool ass shit

marauder 01-18-2014 02:00 AM

Cool ! :eusa_clap:

stryderlis 01-18-2014 09:08 AM

Good to know how good the customer service is. My toe strap(buckle) on my GNU mutant broke and I'm still trying to get them to help me with my warranty.

1 - they were good about sending out a replacement toe strap (sent a picture of my broken toe strap) but they didn't have the mutant toe strap(with the rubber piece) and sent me a generic toe strap. They didn't bother to tell me this was what they were doing so I was surprised when I received them.

2 - emailed them back saying these straps are not acceptable as replacements. They responded back saying they do not have anymore Mutant toe straps. I've been going back in fourth with them about just sending me the 2014 mutants as replacements. It seems they do not have the 2014 Mutants in my size so I have since asked to be upgraded to the 2014 Agros in my size if they do not have the Mutants in my size.

I'm not sure why I had to go through all these hoops to get a replacement toe strap. They could've have just told me they didn't have any more of the Mutant toe straps and asked if I wanted to return mines for a replacement at the beginning.

I have since bought the Fuse-gt and awaiting to take them out for a run. If I get replacement GNU bindings, I'll just use those as my back up even though I've really not had any issues with them at all.

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