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roleta 01-28-2014 05:41 AM

fast in binding for burton channel
lets say I am intermediate snowboarder with couple of seassons on the slope. Mostly ride grommers, pow only few times a year(best time on the board :yahoo:).
Currently have:
custom board 165w
custom EST bind L
nitro anthem size 44
and i am looking for new soft binding for my setup, becuase this burton EST binding in size L is just too big for boot size 44(10uk,11us). I do like the barefoot feeling with my EST, but otherwise my size of boot is small for L size and probably too big for M (haven't tested it yet). And also this strap bussines again and again on small slopes is killing me. I am very intersted in binding, which are ease to strap like SP, FLOW, GNU. Which one to choose for burton channel or should I stick to EST binding?

wrathfuldeity 01-28-2014 06:13 AM

Another option (very cheap)....a cord between the ratchets...take a look at the thread below. Also if you have a long toecap strap/ladder you can put a pin at the end of the ladder so that buckle/straps do not seperate...thus slip in the toe of the boot and ratchet down...go.

roleta 01-28-2014 07:01 AM

if you mean this:

for me it is not problem to get off the board but to get in (on the small slope it is realy annoying and boring..)


Kevin137 01-28-2014 07:07 AM

Does a 44 require a wide board...???

Or did i read it wrong...???

hardasacatshead 01-28-2014 08:02 AM

I was just thinking the same thing.

WTF are you doing riding a 165W with size 10 boots? :icon_scratch:

Most guys around the size 10 boot mark will float around the 160-200 lbs area (give or take, there's no science to that so don't get all forum nazi on me - where's HKTRDR?). So unless you're a burly fella then a 165W is likely to be a gargantuan board. If you're a big bloke then you might be ok.

In terms of bindings, I guess Flow bindings are often considered one of the easier ones to get in and out of. I haven't used them though and don't know too much about them so I'm not going to be much help to you there mate.

john doe 01-28-2014 08:14 AM

SP and GNU are the same thing and I personally think that Flow does everything better. The standard Flow mounting disk works with 4 hole, Burton 3 hole, and Burton channel.

roleta 01-28-2014 08:30 AM

this is my first board, I bought it over internet with my friends "advice", becuase at that time I have shitty oversized shoes (2sizes bigger). I am not such big dude, but no more in teenage years and > 200lbs for sure and high about 6"2' . I was thinking about selling that setup, because sometimes I find my board too big, thats true. So your suggestion is to go for completly new smaller gear?

So flow binding for this year are easy to mount on burton channel? Whitout any special plates?


roleta 01-28-2014 09:25 AM

And what do you think about this one?

in video:
Flow Fuse-SE Snowboard Binding |

is seen that it is compatible with burton channel.

atr3yu 01-28-2014 10:22 AM

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Originally Posted by roleta (Post 1479545)
And what do you think about this one?

in video:
Flow Fuse-SE Snowboard Binding |

is seen that it is compatible with burton channel.

Those are softer Flows, being right in the middle of their flex scale, 2.5 out of 5. I have recently been looking at Flows as well and will say that they do appear to be the best step in bindings out there. Also from my research they all come with a disk that is Burton channel compatible. I say pull the trigger!

larrytbull 01-28-2014 10:49 AM

can't speak to the Fuse-se, I have the next round up the Nx2-se. I have owned the rest of the pack in easy bindings. They all will work with channel.

My notes on the different brands-

1. K2 cinch CTX- these are the easiest to get in, but closing the binding is a whole other story :( these open up really large higher than flow or GNU, but the latch takes tons of work, I found my forearms aching by end of the day latching them in. They are canted (like this ) and also are heavier. they also allow you to strap in with ratchets or click in. Honestly if they were not so hard to click in i would have been very happy with them. I still have them on my rock board

2. GNU - I tried these and really wanted to like them, I tried both the Street and the Weird. The weird just a bit better. My main complaints are Build Quality, They feel much cheaper than flows or K2's. My other complaint was that in opening the back, the latch seemed to always get in the way of allowing the back to come down enough the get in the binding on a pitched slope. and my #1 complaint was the toe cap, there is no rotation at the toe cap, it moves front to back but not up or down. if you boot does not perfectly fit in toe cap, you are always adjusting it to cover boot toe.

3. FLow - Currently I have the NX2-SE. These are really well made. they have the features I was looking for, canting, eva beds, Side entry option (old skool).
The backs open lower than either k2 and GNU. They seem a little heavier than the GNU's but lighter than the K2's (not scientific may just be my perception). My biggest complaint with them is that the heel area where the heel cup attaches to binding is a bit on the narrow side, so to enter the binding you will need to angle the TOE in first, even Using thier boot. They also took me a little longer to dial in. I am still working on correct placement on board now (personal preference and limiting some toe hang, my arbor formula is a bit on narrow side) These are my favorite so far.

Hope this helps you in deciding if easy entry is right for you.

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