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Mr_Orange 02-01-2014 02:29 AM

Will Switchback Straps and Highbacks work with my bindings?
Just bought the Salomon quantums. I usually try to keep my bindings for a long time but usually the ladders and ratchets get messed up after a while. I called the Salomon warranty number asking them if i can buy extra ones while they still have them lying around and they said that i have to ask the online retailer i bought it from instead because they sometimes send them extras.

So.... i called Evo and they said they don't have any extra parts for bindings at all. They said they usually can only kickstart the warranty process if your binding parts are actually broken in which case they contact a private warranty department of Salomon which I'm not allowed to get ahold of.

Anyways, has anyone tried mix matching straps and parts of different bindings?

I'm wondering in particular if the switchback straps will fit my Salomon quantums.

The ankle strap seems like it probably wouldn't be an issue, but the toe ladders seem kinda particular. They pop out from the bottom like other bindings but they have metal nubs that lock in instead of plastic ones.

Also, the Switchback highbacks look like they attach to the bindings in the same location as the Shadowfit bindings. This way i can probably switch out the stiff carbon highback for a softer one when i'm normally riding in the park.

If no one's already tried this, i might give it a shot.

HurtonBair 02-02-2014 10:33 AM

I'm skeptical, but give it a shot. At least you can buy the switchback base plates afterwards and BOOM you're back in business.

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