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legends6spd 02-13-2014 01:26 PM

Flux DMCC Light (Medium) fitment with Kaiju (sz10) ZF1 (sz10)

I have worn sz L Flux all my life and even though my size 10 boots fits I always felt there's a lot of room left over. So this time, I bought the Flux DMCC Light in size Medium.

I'm packing for Tahoe and now I can't decide how well my boots are fitting. I feel like my Kaiju's have a smaller foot print than Zoom Force 1's and fits the medium Flux's a tad bit better. I've attached the photos below. Please let me know if you feel like the ZF1 is fitting okay on the medium bindings. I feel like there's a bit more toe over hang.

Should I just go with Kaiju's for the west coast because it fits a bit better? I would prefer stiffer boots if possible since there's more freeriding out west? FWIW, I'm mating the bindings to a T.Rice HP and Cobra.

Opinions please :thumbsup:

linvillegorge 02-13-2014 01:44 PM

The bindings definitely fit the black boots better. I had a similar issue with my Flux bindings. I had 10.5 Salomon F22s which are a reduced volume boot and my medium Flux bindings fit them perfectly. But now I have Celsius Climate boots and they are not reduced volume. They still fit in the bindings, but just barely. I actually have to flip the discs and set the bindings back a notch toward the heelside of the board to get my boots centered, which judging by the pics you'd probably also need to do to center those red boots. Not ideal and they look a little wonky, but I honestly can't tell any difference in the performance.

ju87 02-13-2014 11:29 PM

looks like the Kaiju fit better. I run ZF1 size 9 in medium TT30 and while the fit is ok, the ladders are pretty much maxed out and sometimes if there's a lot of snow in the binding, i have some trouble engaging the toe ratchet.

legends6spd 02-14-2014 09:34 AM

Thanks for the information guys.

ju87, did you use stock location on the strap holes? I'm surprised even for size 9 you are having problems.

I ended up packing the ZF1's. I had the Kaiju's at Whistler and felt like they were just a bit too soft when mated to the Targa on T.Rice and Altered Genetics. I feel like the ZF1's would give me the most response with these DMCC Light's. Also, if you notice, I still have 1 more hole left on the straps so it "does" fit - just a tad more toe over hang. I also compared it to the Large Flux DS30 I have and the differences are pretty negligible. At worse, if I feel like the set up doesn't work I will turn the plate around center it a bit more.

ju87 02-17-2014 10:36 PM

i centered the toe strap on the boot... don't recall which hole i used but i felt that the 9 were nearing the limit for the strap length.

getting ratchet engaged on the toe strap is only problematic when there's a lot of snow in the binding and im trying to strap in in deep pow.

legends6spd 02-20-2014 11:02 AM

I rode the DMCC light and these are my thoughts:

I dont like the TFM toe strap. It had a lot of fitment issues with the zoom force 1's and even slipped off a couple of times. I realize I need to strap to the cup of the toe exactly instead of a hybrid 3/4 way (part toe, part top of the toe).

The bindings are crazy light. Very responsive although there were occasional times where I think it could use more stiffness - especially on my T.Rice.
The bindings look fantastic!

The fitment is near max for my size 10. I had problems w/ my heel side edge and washed out several times on hard carves. I had to turn the plate around like linvillegorge mentioned earlier to drop down 1 notch lower to get the boots centered and get the maximum performance. Once I did this the bindings rode like a dream.

ju87 02-20-2014 10:38 PM

interesting... i've ridden the same bindings and i also did not like the TFM toe strap... it didnt slip on my ZF1 but they felt slightly uncomfortable in that they were hard and pinched a bit. i prefer the lower tech toe strap on my TT30.

i also had a bit of washing out as well... i put that down to the softer highback.

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